How to Go Vegan

How to go vegan

Are you ready to take the plunge from vegetarian to vegan or want to learn more about living a vegan diet and lifestyle? Wondering what do vegans eat or scratching your head about what is a vegan?

You’ll find everything you need here to show you how to go vegan the healthy way, with vegan diet plans, vegan nutrition advice, FAQ’s and guides to making going vegan simple.



Seven-Day Healthy Wholefood Vegan Meal Plan

This healthy meal plan by nutritionist Rob Hobson shows you how to cook vegan meals from scratch

Vegan meal plan: How to get your 10-a-day

Pack in the goodness with Rob Hobson’s nutrient-rich vegan meal plan to take you through the week.

Oh-so simple seven-day vegan meal plan

Are you newly vegan and looking for a fuss-free meal plan to help you feel your best? Rob Hobson's easy dishes are just what you need to get you started on your journey.


Folate: The often overlooked B vitamin

Thought folic acid was something only pregnant people need to worry about? Here's why you need folate and where to get it on a vegan diet.

Top 10 vegan sources of iron: How to maximise your iron absorption

Make sure you're consuming plenty of these vegan sources of iron to ensure your body is getting everything it needs from your vegan diet.

Vegan diets and osteoporosis: Keep your bones healthy

Keep your bones healthy with Heather Russel's guide to meeting your nutritional needs and learn about vegan diets, bone health and osteoporosis.

Is bread vegan?

Bread is a staple product many of us enjoy every day, but have you ever wondered is bread vegan? Here's what you need to know.

Are Oreos vegan? The debate that’s anything but black and white

Dip them in plant-based milk or split them in half – Oreos are one of the world’s most-loved snacks, but are they vegan? Find out here...


How to go vegan: 31 top tips to make the transition easy

Navigate your newly vegan life with this easy-to-follow one-tip-a-day guide to help keep you on track through your first month as a vegan.

20 things you need to know before going vegan

Going vegan can sometimes feel like a minefield. But with these top tips you need to know before you go vegan, you'll be right on track!

How to dispose of cooking oils and other cooking oil questions answered!

Learn how to dispose of your cooking oil properly to avoid unwanted blockages and discover what the best cooking oils are.

7 vegan documentaries that changed the world

Are you ready to change your life? These vegan documentaries inspire you to go vegan today as they delve deep into the impact of our diets.

Looking for your next good read? Check out these inspiring vegan books

Keep your mind active during self-isolation with one of these inspiring vegan books to help you learn more about why this lifestyle is the best for you.

The Green Book Club: Discover the Best Vegan Podcast and Books

Charlotte Willis puts her eyes and ears to work to find the best vegan podcasts and books to inform and entertain.Take a look!

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