How to Go Vegan

How to go vegan

Are you ready to take the plunge from vegetarian to vegan or want to learn more about living a vegan diet and lifestyle? Wondering what do vegans eat or scratching your head about what is a vegan?

You’ll find everything you need here to show you how to go vegan the healthy way, with vegan diet plans, vegan nutrition advice, FAQ’s and guides to making going vegan simple.

Vegans who lift weights have stronger bones than plant-based dieters who don’t, and similar bone structure to omnivores, says study

Vegans who lift weights have stronger bones than plant-based dieters who eschew resistance training, according to new research.

7 reasons why you need to follow a meat-free diet this May (and beyond)

To celebrate No Meat May, we want to share how ditching animal products and following a meat-free diet can help our planet

Over 50, vegan, and thriving: How to maintain your health on a vegan diet

Lauren Craven-Niemczyk investigates how people over 50 can maintain their health throughout all parts of the body through a vegan diet

What do you do if you accidentally eat something non-vegan?

Accidentally eating something non-vegan is always tough for vegans. But don't beat yourself up, here's what to do instead...

Is champagne vegan? A guide to vegan champagnes

Not all bubbly is created equally, which means not all champagnes are vegan. Here’s what to look out for when shopping for vegan champagne.


How to cook aubergine and other vegetables with vegan cooking tips from The Happy Pear

Discover how to cook aubergine, cauliflower, leeks and other favourite vegetables with vegan chefs The Happy Pear

How to cook vegetables – tips and tricks from a chef’s kitchen

Tips and tricks for how to cook vegetables to bring out the ultimate flavour and texture so they become the star of the show!

How to make the best ever roast potatoes

There is no mystery or magic in cooking up these family favourites. Here we'll show you to make the best roast potatoes every time.

12 best vegan books for new and old vegans this Veganuary

Kickstart Veganuary with the help of these vegan books. From cookbooks to ethical learning, these books will help you on your journey

9 inspiring vegan food bloggers and activists to celebrate this International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women's Day on the 8th of March, we are sharing our top vegan food bloggers and activists that inspire us!

11 vegan documentaries that changed the world

Are you ready to change your life? These vegan documentaries inspire you to go vegan today as they delve deep into the impact of our diets.

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