Vegan protein powder: The best types of protein powders for vegans

Looking to fuel your workouts with a complete vegan protein powder? From hemp to soy, discover the best vegan protein powder for you.

How to build muscle and tone your body on a vegan diet

Want to build strength or gain definition? Vegan nutritionist, YouTuber and muscle builder Derek Simnett tells us how to build muscle on a vegan diet.

Tour de France winner Chris Froome switches to plant-based diet after watching The Game Changers

Top cyclist Chris Froome and four-time winner of the Tour de France has adopted a plant-based diet inspired by The Game Changers. 

Jermaine Jenas explores the ‘rise of veganism in football’ in a new BBC documentary

Former England International player Jermaine Jenas investigates the 'rise of veganism in football' in a new BBC documentary.

“The Game Changers” vegan athlete documentary in UK cinemas this September

The Game Changers documentary, revealing the truth about athletes, meat, and strength, comes to UK cinemas this September. Here's how to get your tickets.

Meet the 63-year-old vegan fitness fan who doctors said wouldn’t live past ten thanks to his vegan diet

Meet the 63-year-old vegan whose doctor said he wouldn’t live past ten because of his plant-based diet. "I have been vegan since childhood."

Want to join the world’s first vegan rugby club?

You've heard of the world's first vegan football club, Forest Green Rovers, now it's time to meet the world's first all-vegan rugby club - the Green Gazelles.

Quorn protein found to build muscle twice as effectively as milk protein

A new study from the University of Exeter has discovered that vegan protein builds muscle after exercise more effectively than milk protein.

6 of the hottest new fitness trends you need to try now!

Struggling to find something you love? Discover what’s hot in the world of health and fitness.

How weight training on a vegan diet can transform our bodies

Adam Stansbury shows us how weight training on a vegan diet can transform our bodies more effectively to become a lean, green muscle-building machine. 

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