17 vegan jokes and comedy sets that will make you laugh and cringe!

Author: Victoria Smith

Read Time:   |  19th July 2021

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We warned you - these vegan jokes are seriously cringe-worthy!


Can we tell you a vegan joke or two? We promise they won’t be cheesy!

Vegans are often accused of not having a sense of humour, but being able to laugh at yourself is a great way to boost your health and happiness.

If you’re looking for tofu jokes, vegetable jokes, dirty vegan jokes, jokes about vegans, or vegan puns, you’ll find them right here.

Although some of these vegan jokes might make you cringe, we hope they bring a smile to your face at the same time.

You’ll also find some hilarious vegan comedy sets from vegan comedians that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

Funniest vegan jokes

1. The classic vegan joke

Q: How do you know if someone is Vegan?

A: Don’t worry, they’ll tell you within the first 2 minutes of meeting them.

2. The ‘ignorance is bliss’

Q: How many carnivores does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None. They prefer to stay in the dark!

3. The anti-dairy joke

Q: What’s the best way to keep milk fresh?

A: Leave it in the cow!

4. The spooky vegan joke

Q: Why are most ghosts vegans?

A: Because it’s super-natural!


5. The cringey one

Q: Why did the vegan get fired?

A: His job performance didn’t meat expectations.

6. The one-liner

My girlfriend really changed after she became a vegan.

It’s like I’ve never seen herbivore.

7. The Disney joke

Q: What was Aladdin called after he went Vegan?
A: Saladdin.

8. The actually quite nice one

Q: Why are vegans the best friends in the world?

A: They never have beef with you.

9. The NSFW one

Q: Why is almond milk called ‘milk’?

A: Because nobody could call it ‘nut juice’ and keep a straight face.


10. The horror film one

Q: What does a vegan zombie eat for breakfast?

11. The funniest Joke of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival

“As a vegan, I think people who sell meat are disgusting; but apparently people who sell fruit and veg are grocer.” –  Adele Cliff

12. The witty one

I’ve come to the realization that tofu is overrated.

It’s just a curd to me.

13. The tofu one

I like making jokes about vegetarians… but never about tofu, that’s just tasteless.

Vegan comedy sets

If these vegan jokes failed to tickle your funny bone, give these vegan comedy sets from funny vegan comedians a try!

Funnyman Romesh Ranganathan has been a vegan since 2013 and regularly makes light of veganism in his comedy sets.

14. ‘Romesh Ranganathan is a Vegan in a Restaurant’

Here he makes fun of a situation vegans know all too well… going to a restaurant and finding nothing to eat on the menu!

15. ‘The Real Reason Why People Hate Vegans’

In this hilarious skit, Romesh explains the real reasons why people hate vegans.

16. ‘Vegans are A Holes’

Vegan comedian Preacher Lawson will make you laugh until you cry as he banters with the audience about why people don’t like vegans.

17. Carl Donnelly – Comedy Up Late (2019)

Comedian Carl Donnelly is a proud vegan and Veganuary ambassador. In this laugh-out-loud set, Carl pokes fun at some common interactions with meat-eaters and daily dilemmas every vegan can relate to!

We hope you enjoyed these vegan jokes! 

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Written by

Victoria Smith

Vic is a freelance writer and content creator, passionate about ethical and environmental issues. When she’s not busy scribbling away she can be found visiting the best vegan restaurants in the UK and making delicious dairy-free coffees at a café in Essex. Her favourite animals are dogs, cows and pigs and her lifelong dream is to open an animal sanctuary with an onsite vegan café. You can find Vic on Instagram @vicsveganeats

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