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7 Vegan DIY Meal Kits to Order During Lockdown

Read Time:   |  29th May 2020

Forget banana bread, there’s a new trend in lockdown: vegan DIY meal kits!

Forget banana bread, there’s a new trend in lockdown: DIY meal kits. Missing your favourite vegan burgers? Don’t panic – we’ve found the best vegan DIY burgers and sweet treats from seven top vegan restaurants. From luscious Biscoff doughnuts to impossibly crispy jackfruit wingz, your lockdown dinners are sorted.

Doughnut Time

Delivery: UK Wide

vegan DIY meal kits

Renowned doughnut chain Doughnut Time has taken lockdown by storm with the creation of their DIY doughnut kits.

If you haven’t heard of Biscoff yet I don’t know where you’ve been hiding for the past few years, but Doughnut Time has produced a doughnut kit championing the caramel biscuits.

The kit includes: four doughnuts, Biscoff spread, caramel glaze, chocolate glaze and five biscuits to decorate your creations.

Priced at £22 the kit is a bit of a splurge, but we all deserve a treat in lockdown, so why not order a piece of Biscoff heaven?

The Vurger Co.

Delivery: UK Wide

vegan DIY meal kits

Friday night really is burger night now, with the legendary Vurger Co delivering DIY kits with everything you need to make your own drool-worthy ‘Big New York Melt’.

The kit serves two and includes: Beyond burger patties, brioche buns, cheese slices, skin on fries, a bottle of signature burger sauce and garnishes.

What’s more, all the packaging is recyclable or compostable so you won’t need to feel guilty!

Priced at £18.95 this DIY kit is cheaper than a Friday takeaway and arguably more fun – get creating!

Patty & Bun

Delivery: UK Wide

vegan DIY meal kits

This epic DIY burger kit from London chain Patty & Bun enables you to recreate two of their plant-based burgers: Smokey Robinson and Ari Gold.

For just £25 you receive enough ingredients for four mouth-watering burgers with all the fillings.

The box includes: four P&B vegan patties, THIS Isn’t Bacon, vegan smokey mayo, pickled and caramelised onions, vegan cheese and four buns.

The kit also includes instructions on how to construct the burgers in order to truly recreate the Patty & Bun experience.


Delivery: UK Wide

vegan DIY meal kits

Beautiful East London café Lele’s have innovated a new product for lockdown: cake mixes!

Now you can recreate Lele’s gorgeous gluten-free and vegan banana bread, peanut butter brownies, and vanilla cupcakes. What’s not to like?

The cake mixes are priced at £4.99 each and can be shipped across the UK.

Lele’s are committed to being environmentally sustainable and therefore their mixes are handmade in London and sent in recyclable packaging.

Treat yourself to something sweet – minus the effort – and order a cake mix from their online shop.

Biff’s Jack Shack

Delivery: London

vegan DIY meal kits

London-based Love Shack have created a bumper box featuring Biff’s famous jackfruit wingz and burgers.

Delivering across London, this box is jam-packed with everything you need to create epic burgers and wingz, and even includes four bottles of Brewdog IPA to really recreate the nostalgia of pre-lockdown meals out.

Obviously no burger is complete without condiments, and Love Shack rectifies this by including ketchup from eco-friendly brand Rubies in the Rubble, and luscious nacho cheeze sauce from Kinda Co.

Priced at £30 this kit feeds two hungry humans with a stacked jackfruit burger each and four crispy wingz to share.

Plant Hub

Delivery: London

Environmentally conscious plant-based restaurant Plant Hub in Hackney has created a DIY kit for their two gluten-free and vegan gnocchi dishes: one sweet tomato, and one truffled mushroom.

For £35 the kit not only includes the ingredients for 4 portions of delicious gnocchi featuring iamnutok products, but also their charcoal focaccia and nomlette mixes and a jar of their homemade ferments.

These kits can be delivered across London and you can even add a bottle of homemade Kombucha for an additional £7.50.

The Koffee Pot

Delivery: Greater Manchester

vegan DIY meal kits

Located in Machester’s popular Northern Quarter, The Koffee Pot is a brunch destination not to be missed.

With lockdown forcing the café to close its doors, they have instead created a DIY brunch kit entitled ‘The Vegan Full Fry’.

Sound good? Well here’s what’s inside: four Good Life sausages, four potato rosti, vegan black pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomato, vegan mozzarella, roasted peppers, spinach, marinara sauce, bread with vegan spread, and to top it off a carton of orange juice.

This epic brunch spread costs £20, with the option to add a rather enticing litre of Bloody Mary for just an additional £7.50.

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