9 vegan desserts from Tesco you need to try

Read Time:   |  11th May 2020

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Looking for special vegan desserts or vegan cakes to treat yourself to? The supermarkets have a great selection to choose from and here we share our favourites from Tesco


Just Love Food Vegan Chocolate Cake

£6 for 8 servings

If you’re a complete chocoholic and want your vegan dessert to be rich, utterly indulgent, and more than a little bit special, this is the choice for you!

It’s decorated with edible gold lustred chocolate drops, so really does have that party feel to it, and is a good price for a cake that’s made to share. (Or enjoy by yourself. There’s no judging here.)


Wicked Kitchen Red Velvet Brownie

£4 for 390g

Vegan brownies are a classic vegan dessert, but the guys behind exclusive Tesco brand Wicked Kitchen have given this one a tasty twist by adding raspberry ganache.

The instructions on the box recommend heating the dessert, but we found that this caused the flavour to dilute slightly and actually enjoyed the crunchy texture of the red lustre cocoa nibs against the gooey brownie when served cold.

It’s up to you.

Maybe try both options and see which you prefer. Either way, it’s truly delicious!




Feed Me Vegan Rich & Creamy Mango Cheesecake

£3.80 for 375g

Former Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson has recently brought out her own range of vegan desserts and this one is a proper summer treat.

On a hot day, there are few fruits more refreshing than mango. And cheesecakes are always a lighter option to finish off a summer meal. Or to enjoy with a glass of Pimm’s in the garden. It’s important to get that daily dose of Vitamin D after all.

This is a creamy cheesecake made from vegan cream cheese rather than a baked one, which adds to its lightness.

Roar Hazelnut Chocolate Cookie Plant-Based Ice Cream

£5 for 500ml

You can’t have a vegan desserts round-up without at least one vegan ice cream. Are we right?

OK, so this isn’t the cheapest option available, but it is a bit special.

All too often, vegan ice creams centre around classic flavours like plain chocolate or vanilla.

But this one is hazelnut ice cream. With cookie dough. And salted roasted hazelnut pieces. Mind officially blown!

Bosh! Luscious Lemon Cake

£3.50 for 8 servings

If you haven’t heard of Bosh!, where exactly have you been hiding for the last few years?

A quick re-cap for you. The Bosh! duo have been taking the internet by storm with their delicious yet simple vegan recipe videos. Then they progressed to ITV with their Sunday morning cookery show. Now they’re taking on the supermarkets with ready-made vegan cakes.

This is a really good-value, flavoursome offering with a strong lemony punch. Perfectly refreshing.

At this price, it doesn’t have to be reserved for a special occasion. It’s ideal for those days when you just need a treat to cheer yourself up.

Gu Free From Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake

£3.50 for 2 x 82g individual cheesecakes

We can’t tell you how happy we were when Gu announced they were bringing out vegan desserts.

They’re the ultimate in indulgence. And they’ve not stinted on this for their free-from versions.

They’re made from coconut cream, which does shine through in the flavour, but is set off against a rich chocolate topping. Plus, of course, a sweet biscuity base. So unless you really hate coconut, all in all it’s everything you’d expect from a good Gu pudding.

Tesco Free From Strawberry Cheesecake

£1.75 for 2 x 100g individual cheesecakes

Supermarkets have really upped their games when it comes to own-brand vegan ranges. And that’s no different when we’re talking about desserts.

These individual pots of vegan goodness are sweet, satisfying, and won’t break the bank.

There’s a generous amount of strawberry compote topping to balance the cheesecake and biscuit base, so you shouldn’t get any complaints from family members. Even non-vegans*.

*We can’t guarantee this. Obviously the fussiest of eaters may indeed complain. We just don’t think they should.

The Coconut Collaborative Salted Caramel Choc Pots

£2.50 for 4 x 45g individual pots

When you first see the size of each of these vegan dessert pots, you might feel a little like you’ve been short changed. Don’t be.

Yes, they’re small. Yes, you might think you need more than 45g of dessert to properly feel satisfied.

But once that first mouthful has finished melting on your tongue, you’ll realise that you were wrong.

It’s not that they’re not good. Far from it. But they are very intense and very rich. One will hit all the right spots and unless you choose to share (who would do that?), you’ll still have three pots left to get you through the week.

The standard chocolate version is nice, but we love this salted caramel version. Because when does salted caramel not make everything so much better?!


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