Top tips for pressing perfect tofu

Read Time:   |  17th August 2016

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Tofu is one of the most versatile, healthy and delicious foods around, but to get the most out of tofu you need to press it. So we asked Tofuture to share their top tips for making perfect tofu… 

Organic Raw Soy Tofu

Adam and Susanna at Tofuture have created a unique and stylish Tofu Press that removes the water from unpressed tofu simply and effectively.

The gradual nature of the pressing will give your tofu the perfect texture and consistency for it to absorb gorgeous marinades or the beautiful flavours of the dish you are preparing. The days of pressing tofu under a teetering tower of tins are over. The Tofu Press is easy to use, BPA free, dishwasher safe and fits into your fridge when pressing. It will revolutionise the way you enjoy tofu.

Tofuture tofu press

The Press can also be used to make your own tofu, instructions can be found on the Tofuture website, along with lots of exciting ideas and tasty recipes to transform your tofu. 

Why press tofu?

Tofu is one of the most versatile, healthy, delicious and ethical foods around, but to get the most out of tofu you need to press it to get the water out. Removing the water that tofu is stored in improves the texture preventing it from disintegrating in your stir-fry or feeling like a soggy, tasteless jelly in your wrap. Removing the water also allows flavours to be absorbed by the tofu either by marinading after pressing or during cooking, you can’t get flavour in if it is already full of water.

Tofuture tofu press

There are the 3 simple steps to use the press and start your Tofu Revolution:

Step 1: Remove the tofu from the packaging and drain off any excess water

Step 2: Place the block into the inner tub, the green container with perforated holes

Step 3: Replace the lid, pull the elastic bands down around the hooks and push the handles down to impart a continuous pressure on the tofu.

Now leave the press in the fridge for the desired amount of time, you don’t need to return to the press to increase the pressure half-way through the pressing time. The longer you leave the tofu, the better it will be pressed. Tofuture recommend the following guideline pressing times depending on what you are making.

  • Short press, 15-30 mins – for ‘cheese’ sauce, ‘chocolate’ mousse or ‘cheese’cake
  • Medium press, 1-2 hours – for pasties, quiches and pies
  • Long press, 4 hours to overnight – for stir-fries, kebabs and baked tofu


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