Meet the social enterprise creating handcrafted goods from vegan pineapple leather

Read Time:   |  30th November 2016

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Meet Nisnas Industries, a social enterprise from the Middle East who are are creating beautifully handcrafted goods from a leather-like material made entirely from pineapples!


Who are Nisnas Industries?

Nisnas Industries are a social enterprise and small community shop in Haifa, Israel, who manufacture elegant, wood and leather goods, which are inspired by and dedicated to local culture.

Friends of 15-years Yossi and Max started Nisnas Industries in 2010 with a view to creating a community oriented workshop that would produce the very best handmade goods. The company began life in an open air market in Haifa, doing community work with cycling projects and local teens, helping to teach them the skills they needed to build and repair bikes until they launched their first Kickstarter project.

They used the profits they made through their Kickstarter Project to expand their business and make steps towards becoming a sustainable social business that profit shares amongst their workers and helps the local community.

There are now an impressive 40-50 people working with Nisnas in the local community, and they ensure that 80 per cent of their proceeds go to their workers, with the other 20 per cent helping to fund local education.


Why did Nisnas start making vegan pineapple leather?

After the success of their other products, Maxi and Yossi sat down and made the decision to ensure that the materials they use echoed their mission and beliefs, and started going vegan. Until now the company have focused on utilising the skills of their workers, who specialise in creating wood and leather goods to create their products, however they are now turning their focus to creating more sustainable, ethical products by creating their first vegan line of cruelty free wallets, belts and bags.

To make their dream of creating a vegan collection a reality, Nisnas joined forces with Piñatex, a sustainable, cruelty-free fabric made from pineapple fibres with a strong emphasis on creating ethical communities.


What is Piñatex?

Piñatex is a wonderful, non-woven fabric that like leather forms a wonderful layer that is strong, beautiful, breathable and long lasting.

Where can you purchase items from Nisnas’ vegan collection? 

Nisnas offer worldwide shipping on their beautifully crafted products, which you can purchase through their website here. The company are also expanding their vegan collection to include an entire range of women’s wear, so keep your eyes on their website over the coming weeks for those!

Unfortunately Nisnas’ products are not available in stores in the UK at the moment, however they are looking for opportunities to stock their high-quality products, so please do get in touch with them if you’d like to stock their products.


For more information, please visit Don’t forget to say hello to them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

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