Experiment with new easy vegan dishes during lockdown

Read Time:   |  4th June 2020

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Justina Bajorinaitė Roving Chef from Vegetarian For Life shows you how to get creative in the kitchen with new vegan recipes during lockdown


If you find yourself with more time given the current lockdown, why not use this time to experiment with some new recipes? With fewer takeaway options available, and dining out not yet an option, what better time to try these easy dishes that you can prepare at home, with limited ingredients?

Though you might still struggle to find some ingredients on the shelves, tofu is still readily available in most supermarkets.

There are many simple ways to add vibrant flavours to your dishes. Here are my top three storecupboard heroes:

  • Indian black salt, otherwise called kala namak. If you are new to veganism and miss that eggy flavour, this salt will do the trick.
  • Nutritional yeast flakes might be another newbie to you. They have a cheesy, nutty flavour and are usually fortified with vitamin B12. They’re very versatile, and can be added to vegan ‘cheese’ sauces.
  • Liquid coconut aminos, which makes a great substitute for soy sauce. It has less sodium, a milder taste, and is gluten-free. It’s made from fermented coconut-blossom nectar – but don’t worry if you not a fan of coconut, it tastes nothing like it!

Tofu Scramble

With this tofu scramble recipe, you won’t want to skip breakfast again!

Tofu Scramble

Get the recipe here. 

Asparagus, Potato & Broccoli Quiche

vegan asparagus quiche

Get the recipe here. 


These recipes are brought to you by the charity Vegetarian for Life, which is doing some great work on behalf of the UK’s older vegans and vegetarians. Although set up to support older vegans and vegetarians, this makes VfL well-placed to provide recipes when cooking for just one person, or with limited means. You might find its Take V and Cooking for One guides of particular interest, which can be found on the charity’s website. If you’d like to support the important work this charity does, you can donate here.

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