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Read Time:   |  21st April 2017

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John Tierney, founder and MD of PHB Ethical Beauty, explains why the cosmetics industry should be 100% vegan and cruelty free…

The cosmetics industry needs BIG change! So many products contain animal derived ingredients and, it’s hard to believe, but even ‘cruelty free’ brands can be guilty of including them. To us this is madness. A sign of how crazy we human beings can be! Why should an innocent creature lose its life in an attempt to satisfy low level self-interest?

All PHB Ethical Beauty products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. For us, these certifications go together and companies should not be awarded one without the other. We also find it strange how even brands who provide vegan certified products will still sell others that aren’t!

I have been a vegetarian since I was very young and always believed that I loved animals. In recent times I have come to see that at best I liked them, but not enough to overcome my own selfish desire for cheese and milk! As human beings we are partly a product of our environment and so many of us have been brought up to not question eating animals. The good news is that we have the power to make positive change if we want it! You may enjoy a vegan diet, but do you still support companies who test on animals and use animal ingredients for everyday products such as cosmetics and household goods?

Since going vegan, my partner (Rose who is Founder of PHB Ethical Beauty) has become vegan and so have my parents too! Very naturally and easily through a shift in perception in the way we see the world. Animals can be our companions, they don’t need to be our next meal or makeup product. Lots of great alternative information is now coming out regarding the meat industry, our consumption of dairy and the horrific cruelty committed towards innocent creatures.

We have a charity called the OneLove Foundation and we provide lots of information there on these vital issues.

Animal cruelty

The cruelty in which we subject animals to is so rife that we could fill all the books in all the libraries with tales, stats and facts on this horrific history and present state of affairs. I intend to write and campaign on this specific issue further in the months to come and PHB and the ONELOVE Foundation will continue to be a voice for the down pressed, raising awareness, donating and creating ethical products as an alternative to the unethical rubbish sold in many shops today.

I read a great quote recently from a beautiful lady who had written a really wonderful article. “When we betray the vulnerable for reasons that are undeniably selfish, we instinctively want to silence the moral minority pointing this out.” I too feel this way and believe it to be my moral duty to stand against oppression when and where I can to the best of my limited abilities. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Been vegan isn’t about being ‘perfect’ where animal rights and the environment is concerned, it is about trying your best to be loving, compassionate and nonviolent.

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