15 best vegan advent calendars for Christmas 2023 – tried, tested, and reviewed

Read Time:   |  20th September 2023

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Christmas is coming and that means it’s time to choose your vegan advent calendar for 2023! From vegan beauty calendars to chocolate calendars, there’s a vegan advent calendar that will tick all your boxes.

Once again, we’re spoilt for choice with a wide range of festive vegan advent calendars on offer for both adults and children.

Whether you’re a beauty fan wanting new cruelty-free cosmetics to try over the holidays or you’re looking for your daily dose of sugary goodness, there’s a vegan advent calendar that will tick all your boxes.

To help you find the perfect vegan calendar to enjoy in the run-up to the big day, we put them to the test to find the best vegan advent calendars for 2023.

How we tested

Over the past 9 years, we have tried over 70 different calendars on our quest to find the best vegan advent calendar, so we know there’s nothing worse than spending money on a calendar to find yourself disappointed with the contents.

But with so many vegan advent calendars now available, it can be hard to know which ones to choose.

So, to find out which vegan advent calendars are worth the money, we tested the contents to see whether they were delicious as this is the most important factor.

With the dairy-free chocolate calendars, we wanted to see whether the chocolates have a rich chocolate flavour and a melt-in-the-mouth texture. After all, no one likes waxy calendar chocolates!

Sustainable calendar packaging has been increasingly common over the years with consumers looking for ways to cut their plastic waste. So the eco-credentials of their packaging have been considered to help you make an informed choice this Christmas.

Finally, no one should have to miss out at Christmas. So we’ve always given extra points to calendars that accommodate dietary allergies.


1. Chococo Vegan ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Box

Chococo Vegan 'Countdown to Christmas' Box

Why should kids have all the fun at Christmas? Filled with luscious chocolates so beautifully designed it’s reminiscent of Miss Trunchbull’s famous chocolate box, Chococo’s vegan advent calendar is an exquisite treat.

And, much like her box of chocolates, this luxurious calendar is much too good for children!

Packed in a compactly-sized, brightly coloured plastic-free box, you peel back the numbered sleeve to reveal 25 vibrantly coloured oat milk-based chocolates as your nostrils fill with the rich scent of cocoa.

Each chocolate is simply a work of art, decorated with glittering gold and titanium-free edible lustres made from fruits and mineral extracts that make them look like precious jewels.

Chococo Vegan 'Countdown to Christmas' Box

Brimming with 14 uniquely different flavours to enjoy such as Moreish Marzipan, Tawny Port & Fig, Chilli Tickle Caramel, and Sticky Toffee Pudding, it’s a feast for the senses and a true joy to try so many interesting flavours you won’t find anywhere else.

One thing to note is this calendar is definitely one for those who enjoy boozy chocolates as many contain alcohol, which is good news as you won’t have to share them with the kids!

Priced at £27.50, I think the price is very reasonable compared to other vegan calendars considering the superior quality of the chocolates and their eco-credentials. The chocolates themselves are handmade in Dorset using ethically sourced, single-estate cocoa.

If you are a chocolate lover, this is the perfect calendar to treat yourself to this Christmas.

  • Price: £27.50
  • Packaging: Plastic-free and recyclable 
  • Gluten-free: Yes, however they may contain traces of gluten 
  • Where to buy: Chococo’s Vegan ‘Countdown to Christmas’ Box will be available to pre-order from mid-September via chococo.co.uk until Tuesday 28th November
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

2. Monty Bojangles Cocoa Dusted Truffles Selection Premium Vegan Advent Calendar 

Monty Bojangles Cocoa Dusted Truffles Selection Premium Vegan Advent Calendar 

Monty Bojangles launched its first vegan calendar last year, and it’s no surprise to see it returning in 2023 because it is an absolute delight for chocolate lovers.

A curiously moreish must-have, this dairy-free calendar is filled with utterly scrumptious vegan cocoa-dusted truffles in three tempting flavours, with three on the final day!

The truffles themselves are a spectacular celebration of cocoa with a punchy, super-chocolately flavour that strikes the perfect balance between richness and sweetness.

In fact, the truffles are some of the finest quality I’ve tried in a very long time, with the most incredible melt-in-the-mouth texture and a pleasing crunch from the cocoa nibs and nuts. It was very hard to stop myself from opening up the next day’s door to pop another in my mouth!

Given the superior quality of the chocolates and the variety of flavours, the £12 price tag seems very reasonable as you really do look forward to opening it each day.

  • Price: £12
  • Packaging: The cardboard calendar contains a recyclable plastic tray and the chocolates are individually wrapped in plastic
  • Gluten-free: Yes
  • Where to buy: Monty Bojangles calendar is available to purchase via Amazon and Boots.
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

3. Ombar Organic Bean To Bar Super Chocolate Vegan Advent Calendar

Ombar Organic Bean To Bar Super Chocolate Vegan Advent Calendar 2023

Ombar has long been one of my go-to chocolate brands because I can’t get enough of their superbly rich chocolate bars – particularly their soft-centred bars!

Last year, the brand released its first-ever advent calendar with a selection of its Oat M’lk chocolate bars. But fans of the OG soft-centred bars will be thrilled to hear that for 2023 they’re offering a calendar filled with miniature versions of their organic chocolate bars with their popular coconut, raspberry, hazelnut and pistachio fillings.

The chocolate is utterly divine and the miniature bars are cute as a button! Although they may be small, they’re mighty in flavour and just enough to leave you feeling fully satisfied. As the rich outer layer dissolves on your tongue, it gives way to a soft centre that melts on the tongue beautifully.

If you’re looking for a eco-friendly calendar then this is it. The chocolates themselves are fair trade, organic and made from British-grown oats, and the calendar is entirely plastic-free and recyclable. However, unlike some plastic-free calendars this one is sturdy, eye-catching and feels like a luxurious treat.

Plus, I love that not only do you get to enjoy a piece of delicious chocolate each day, but each window gives you an interesting fact or a suggestion on how to enjoy a more eco-friendly Christmas.

  • Price: £14.99
  • Packaging: Plastic-free and recyclable
  • Gluten-free: Yes
  • Where to buy: The Ombar Oat M’lk Advent Calendar will be available to pre-order from the end of September via Ombar’s website
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

4. PLAYin CHOC ’24 Sleeps To Go’ Calendar

PLAYin CHOC 24 Sleeps To Go vegan advent calendar

There are so many advent calendars to choose from, and I find it so hard to decide whether my daughter would prefer interesting, imagination-stimulating toys or a good old block of chocolate each day.

Thankfully, with the PLAYin CHOC calendars we can have both – and sustainably, too!

Each window of the calendar contains a 3D toy to build, a related trivia card, and a 10g mini bar of PLAYin CHOC’s award-winning vegan milk chocolate.

The toys include a wintery mix of adorable animals and well-known festive figures, and they’re all made from 100% recycled board. Children will have so much fun building their toys and reading the trivia that the grown ups might even get away with eating the chocolates themselves (though I had no such luck!).

I found some of the characters a little fiddly to build, and thought one or two could do with instructions for the less mechanically-minded builders! (No? Just me?) But overall, I found each window filled with a lot of fun and whimsy.

My 18 month old daughter is a little too young to properly enjoy the toys and trivia, but she is already a very discerning chocolate fan and these were a hit!

And it’s no wonder because PLAYin CHOC’s chocolate is incredibly creamy and sweet, and probably one of the most ‘authentic’ vegan milk chocolates I’ve tasted. They’re sure to please even the fussiest little ex-dairy eaters!

  • Price: £27.50 for the 12 day calendar, or £55.00 for a 24 day calendar
  • Packaging: 100% plastic-free (including the toys) with compostable chocolate wrappers. 
  • Gluten-free: Yes. The chocolates are also soy, nut and oil-free so are ideal for children.
  • Where to buy: PLAYin CHOC’s vegan advent calendars are available to purchase online at Amazon
  • Reviewed by: Helen

5. Candy Kittens 24 Days of Gourmet Calendar

Candy Kittens 24 Days of Gourmet Calendar

Who says advent calendars have to be filled with chocolates? If you’re looking for something different to the usual chocolate calendars then vegan sweet makers Candy Kittens have just the calendar for you!

Containing six of their iconic flavours such as Eton mess and Wild Strawberry with two palm-oil-free sweets available every single day and a full-size bag on Christmas Eve, the 24 Days of Gourmet calendar is a fun option for both kids and adults alike.

I love calendars that give you a full-sized treat to enjoy on the last day, and a variety of flavours to keep things interesting all month long, so Candy Kittens gets top marks on the contents of its calendar.

The calendar opens up like a book to reveal the doors inside and has a luxurious, study feel. However, the downside for me is the amount of plastic you get in the calendar because it has a recyclable plastic tray and the sweets are individually wrapped in plastic. With 24 individually wrapped sweets, that adds top to a lot of plastic!

While the price of many calendars has soared in 2023, Candy Kittens has priced its offering at a wallet-friendly £12, which is a great deal considering the amount of sweets inside.

  • Price: £12
  • Packaging: The cardboard calendar contains a recyclable plastic tray and the sweets are individually wrapped in plastic
  • Gluten-free: Yes
  • Where to buy: Candy Kittens’ calendar is available to purchase via Amazon
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

6. Holland & Barrett Beauty Advent Calendar

Holland & Barrett Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

Holland & Barrett’s Beauty Advent Calendar has become a cult classic for a good reason! Each year, the H&B team carefully curate the vegan and cruelty-free calendar to ensure it’s brimming with indulgent, but useful, pampering products.

Unlike some beauty calendars which can often feature products you simple don’t end up using, we guarantee that you will love (and most importantly use) all of the products in this calendar.

From luxurious bath soaks and crystal candles to face and hair masks and supplements to help you glow from the inside out, opening the parcels each day was a sheer delight.

The products are bang on trend too with rosemary oil hair care (as seen on TikTok!), vitamin-C infused skincare and many of the products are plastic-free too.

Plus, at just £45 for a whopping £179 worth of products (16 of which are full-sized!), it’s one of the most affordable beauty calendars on the market.

Want to see more? Check out our unboxing video to find out exactly what’s inside Holland & Barrett’s 2023 beauty calendar…

  • Price: £45
  • Packaging: The calendar itself is plastic-free but some of the items inside have plastic packaging.
  • Where to buy: The Holland & Barrett Beauty Advent Calendar is available online and will launch in-store on 25th September.
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

7. HAPPi Three Flavour Advent Calendar

Happi vegan advent calendar

This fun and colourful calendar feels really high-quality where it counts, whilst containing sustainable elements like a raw cardboard tray. It’s a calendar that does good while looking good!

The design is bold and contemporary with a festive trio of funny-faced ‘baubles’ on the front, reflecting the trio of choc flavours inside.

And what a trio! HAPPi’s vegan milk chocolate is rich in cocoa flavour, almost bordering on sweet, dark chocolate. And having three different flavours adds an element of surprise to each day.

Along with HAPPi’s plain milk chocolate squares, you also get salted caramel, which has a slightly sweeter edge than the plain, balanced with a smidge of salt.

Then there’s the orange chocolate. Sadly, this flavour was incredibly subtle. Great news for those who don’t like their chocolate too fruity, but not so great for anyone who would hope for a zesty treat.

Happi vegan advent calendar inside view

I really enjoyed the layout of the calendar with its large front ‘cover’ meaning that the funky design on the front didn’t interfere with the numbers on the doors. Sometimes I struggle to pick out the right number on a busy background which can be frustrating when all I want is my daily chocolate, but I found no such frustration here!

The cover also gives HAPPi plenty of space to shout about their Kids for Nature project, along with other ethical accolades like being palm oil-free, slave-free, and using no single-use plastics.

This makes this calendar a real feel-good option for Advent and with great-tasting chocolates, too!

  • Price: £15.00
  • Packaging: Recyclable and plastic-free
  • Gluten-free: No
  • Where to buy: HAPPi’s vegan advent calendar is available to order online from Amazon
  • Reviewed by: Helen

8. MELT Chocolates 12 Days of Christmas Vegan Advent Calendar

Melt Chocolates 12 Days of Christmas Calendar

I was stunned by this seriously impressive vegan advent calendar. It’s got a real premium feel and comes looking ready to gift, wrapped in a bow. It’s a beautifully-presented calendar that would make a wonderful gift for a chocolate connoisseur, or someone you’re looking to impress!

The cream and gold calendar is beautifully designed to look like a leather-bound book. Inside, the 12 boxes that house the 45g vegan dark chocolate bars are delightfully illustrated with scenes from the 12 Days of Christmas song.

I’ve found myself desperately scrabbling for things that could be stored in each of the boxes as, while the plastic-free packaging is fully recyclable, I just don’t want to throw it away!

The calendar contains two extremely chunky bars with unique flavours such as Red Berry Dark Chocolate, Chili Dark Chocolate, and the interesting-sounding ‘Wild’ 68% Dark Chocolate.

MELT Chocolates vegan advent calendar

I was most excited to try the coffee chocolate (as I find it hard to come by a vegan-friendly version), and MELT’s did not disappoint. It was slightly more bitter than I usually prefer, but it had a perfect coffee aroma and a slightly grainy mouthfeel that told me there really was coffee in there – something I look for in a good coffee chocolate.

All of the chocolate bars are indulgent and fragrant and are sure to delight anyone who loves their chocolate, although I wouldn’t recommend it to those who like their chocolate sweet and creamy.

Priced at £49 for a 12-day calendar, this has a higher price point than other vegan advent calendars but is well worth the investment if you are looking for a Christmas gift for people who are serious about their chocolate. Plus, because the chocolate is so luxuriously rich, each bar could easily last you 2-4 days per bar (if you have more self-control than me!).

  • Price: £49.00
  • Packaging: Plastic-free and recyclable
  • Gluten-free: No
  • Where to buy: The MELT Chocolates calendar is available to order online now.
  • Reviewed by: Helen

9. H!P Oat Milk Chocolate Vegan Advent Calendar

HIP's oat milk chocolate advent calendar

H!P’s Oat Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar has had an update for 2023, and we have to say it is looking good!

The ‘UK’s first and favourite’ oat milk chocolate brand, founded by James Cadbury (yes – the great-great-great grandson of that Mr. Cadbury), lives up to its legacy with the delicious chocolate in this calendar.

The calendar features four different flavours of vegan milk chocolate, so it’s the perfect choice for those who like a little variety to spice up the festive season.

Chocolate fans will find brightly-wrapped mini squares of H!P’s oat milk chocolate, in classic, salted caramel, gingerbread, and festive orange flavours.

The festive orange chocolate is a new inclusion for the 2023 calendar – and it’s a welcome one. The creamy chocolate is well-balanced with the zesty orange flavour to create a well-rounded treat that transported me back to the days of ‘tapping and unwrapping’ our favourite childhood Christmas chocolate.

And it’s not just the flavour that’s attractive. The chocolate is made from sustainably sourced single origin Colombian chocolate and housed in a fully plastic-free, 100% recyclable package.

  • Price: £10.00
  • Packaging: Plastic-free and recyclable
  • Gluten-free: Yes but the chocolate is made on equipment which processes milk, soy, gluten, peanuts and other nuts.
  • Where to buy: H!P’s Oat Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar is available from hipchocolate.com, and via Anthropologie, Fenwick, John Lewis, Ocado, Selfridges, Scribbler, Soho House, Waterstones and Whole Foods.
  • Reviewed by: Helen

10. Pip & Nut Nut Butter Cup Advent Calendar

Pip & Nut Nut Butter Cup Advent Calendar

Anyone who knows me knows just how much I love peanut butter, so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Pip & Nut’s calendar.

This generously-sized vegan calendar is filled with 24 almond and peanut butter cups so you can enjoy a nutty treat every day in the run-up to Christmas. There’s no messing about with mini chocolates here either as Pip & Nut have filled it with full-sized chocolates for an epic festive celebration.

Enrobed in ethically sourced dark chocolate, these palm-oil free peanut butter cups have a delightfully rich flavour and aren’t too sweet which I love.

Plus, not only is this calendar a delicious treat, you can also feel good about your purchase as for every Advent Calendar sold, Pip & Nut will donate three jars of peanut butter to their local Hackney Foodbank.

  • Price: £20
  • Packaging: The calendar is made from recyclable card but the nut butter cups are wrapped in plastic. 
  • Gluten-free: Yes 
  • Where to buy: The Pip & Nut calendar is available to purchase at Amazon and Planet Organic.

11. Joe & Seph’s Vegan Popcorn Advent Calendar

Joe & Seph's Vegan Popcorn Advent Calendar

Gourmet popcorn makers Joe & Seph’s is known for its incredible range of uniquely delicious popcorn flavours, and now you can enjoy them every day in the run-up to Christmas with their vegan popcorn advent calendar.

Joe & Seph’s whimsical vegan advent calendar opens up like a giant Christmas storybook to reveal 24 festive cubbyholes containing seven different popcorn flavours including Vegan Strawberry Caramel, Vegan Chocolate Orange, and my personal favourite – Toffee Apple & Cinnamon Popcorn.

The popcorn is generously coated so really packs a flavoursome punch, and is perfectly crispy with a crunchy, sugary outer shell.

Joe & Seph's Vegan Popcorn Advent Calendar

Coming in at £30, it is certainly at the pricier end of the spectrum, especially considering you only get 7g of popcorn per bag. But this is definitely a calendar I looked forward to opening each day to see what delicious flavour I got to enjoy.

It’s always lovely to have something different to the usual offerings for those who don’t like chocolate (a problem I can’t relate too personally!), and if that’s you then this calendar is a great option.

  • Price: £30
  • Packaging: Recyclable cardboard tray and calendar, plus individual plastic bags for the popcorn to help it retain its freshness 
  • Gluten-free: Yes
  • Where to buy: Joe & Seph’s popcorn calendar is available to purchase via Amazon
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

12. Hotel Chocolat Up To Snow Good Advent Calendar

Hotel Chocolat Up To Snow Good Vegan Advent Calendar

Do you love Hotel Chocolat’s superbly creamy 45% nutmilk chocolate as much as I do? If so then you’ll be excited to hear that you can enjoy a piece every day in December with their Up To Snow Good Advent Calendar!

Each day, you’ll open the doors to discover sweet notes to build your excitement for the big day, as well as tasty chocolates in a range of festive shapes.

There’s no waxy, bland advent calendar chocolate in sight here because they’ve swapped milk for finely milled hazelnuts to make vegan milk chocolate that simply melts in your mouth like no other. It also gives it a subtle hint of hazelnut flavour that makes the vegan chocolate similar to Nutella.

This is great vegan advent calendar for kids because the chocolate is not too dark or bitter, it’s the perfect blend of sweet and creamy. Plus, on Christmas Eve you get a big slap of chocolate to enjoy to round off the month.

One gripe would be that the calendar isn’t plastic-free as there’s a recyclable plastic tray that holds the chocolates, but the calendar still feels flimsy despite this. This is something I hope they consider removing from next year’s calendars so the packaging matches the quality of the chocolates.

  • Price: £8.50
  • Packaging: Recyclable plastic tray and cardboard with a foil liner
  • Gluten-free: Hotel Chocolat’s vegan calendar may contain other tree nuts, peanuts, milk, soya, gluten, and wheat as it is made in the same factory as its other products.
  • Where to buy: The Unbelievably Vegan Advent Calendar is available to purchase online and in-store at Hotel Chocolat. 
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

13. NOMO Classic Advent Calendar

NOMO vegan advent calendar with Santa Claus image

In my opinion, NOMO’s creamy chocolate is one of the best vegan milk chocolates out there, so I leapt at the chance to check out their Christmas range for 2023. Its range is filled with exciting flavours and innovative products that are great for chocolate fans of all ages.

Upon opening up the calendar, I found myself a little underwhelmed. Compared to the brand’s previous years’ calendars containing mixed flavours, premium gooey caramels (my favourite!), or a full-sized bar as a Christmas day treat, this one feels a little basic.

However, for the price, it offers 24 days of high-quality milk chocolate that’s allergy-friendly and Rainforest Alliance certified – making it one of the better vegan advent calendars out there in terms of value for money.

It’s also a brilliant option for those with allergies as NOMO’s products have no cross-contamination warnings for any major allergens, making this advent calendar suitable for almost all dietary needs.

  • Price: £9.99
  • Packaging: Recyclable plastic tray and cardboard
  • Gluten-free: Yes, and suitable for those with milk, egg, peanut, and tree nut allergies
  • Where to buy: NOMO’s vegan and free-from advent calendar is available to purchase from Co-op, Holland & Barrett, Nisa, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, and online via Amazon.
  • Reviewed by: Helen

14. Moo Free Vegan White Chocolate Advent Calendar

Moo Free White Chocolate Advent Calendar

Looking for something a little sweeter inside your advent calendar this year? Moo Free is here to satisfy your sweet tooth with its vegan white chocolate advent calendar.

With its cute characters and super sweet dairy-free white chocolate pieces, this is a great option for children who find dark chocolate a bit too rich. Plus, it’s a great option for those with food allergies as Moo Free make their products in a dedicated facility that’s free from soya, gluten and dairy so everyone can enjoy them.

The chocolates are quite small in size but because white chocolate is so sweet it’s just the right amount. The chocolate itself is nice and smooth and has a lovely vanilla flavour that lingers delightfully on the palate.

One thing to note is that unfortunately this calendar is not plastic-free as the chocolates sit in a plastic tray (although this is fully recyclable).

  • Price: £6.99.
  • Packaging: Recyclable plastic tray and cardboard
  • Gluten-free: Moo Free makes its chocolates in a dedicated free-from chocolate production facility making their chocolate free from soya, gluten, and dairy.
  • Where to buy: Available to purchase via Amazon
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

15. Divine Dark 70% Chocolate Advent Calendar

Divine Dark 70% Chocolate Advent Calendar

Do you prefer your chocolate to be richly flavoured and deliciously dark? If that’s the case then Divine’s luxurious dark chocolate calendar should be on your wishlist this Christmas.

Behind each door is a decadently dark and sumptuously silky 70% dark chocolate heart that is rich enough to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Plus, it’s a great ethical choice to as Divine’s chocolate is Fairtrade and palm-oil free so it’s kinder to the environment and those who grow it too.

Plus, along with your chocolate treat, each day you’ll uncover an interesting animal fact so you can boast your knowledge to your friends & family around the dinner table this Christmas!

With the price of vegan advent calendars soaring, Divine’s calendar is a great wallet-friendly option too as it’s just £5.

  • Price: £5
  • Packaging: Recyclable plastic tray and cardboard
  • Gluten-free: Yes however it may contain soya, milk, gluten, nuts, and eggs as it is made in factory that also produces products with these ingredients.
  • Where to buy: Divine’s dark chocolate advent calendar is available to purchase from Amazon, Traidcraft, Waitrose, Divine Online, Ocado, Oxfam, and Wholefoods.
  • Reviewed by: Rachel

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