7 unexpected truths you’ll discover when you go vegan

Author: Jennifer Landis

Read Time:   |  9th October 2020

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From the ethics to your health, there is so much left to uncover about veganism — and it's all completely delicious.

People have been rushing over to the vegan side of things in spades for the past few years, and it’s no secret why. There are so many amazing reasons to go vegan, from compassion for the animals to the health of the planet to your own health and wellness, going vegan has so many benefits — not to mention all the delicious food you get to enjoy.

As you adjust to your brand new lifestyle, there may be a few new truths you discover along the way. While there are quite a lot of details you may have been expecting when making the switch, there are plenty more discoveries you might stumble upon as you make your way through the vegan lifestyle.

1. Ballin on a Budget

While the myth persists that veganism is pricy, most vegans will tell you that they actually spend less money on food than they did when eating animal products.

While meat substitutes may cost more money than certain meat products, that’s far from the centre of most vegan diets. Vegan food is filled with plants, grains, nuts and seeds — all of which tend to rack up a cheaper bill than animal products.

Even if you find yourself at that organic juice bar in town or out to dinner with pals every once in a while, veganism is actually much more budget-friendly than you might expect.

2. Living Longer

It’s no secret that going vegan is great for your overall health, and that includes serious disease prevention. Eating a plant based diet lowers your risk for certain cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

Vegans tend to benefit from greater longevity and greater quality of life as time goes on. While it’s still important to plan for the future and take care of your health all around, going vegan can become a part of that.

3. Smaller Carbon Footprint

While you might already know all about the positive impact you’re making on the environment by eating plant based foods, you may be shocked by the impact you have over time.

In just one year of veganism, you save 401,500 gallons of water, 10,950 square feet of forest and 7,300 pounds of CO2. Since factory farming is such a large drain on resources, your contribution adds up over time.

You can even check the vegan calculator to see your exact stats down to the day — proving that every little bit counts.

4. Better Digestive Health

When you eat a more plant-based diet, you tend to eat foods that are better for your digestion in general. Fruits, vegetables, grains and other foods that are high in fibre and water help with gut health and smooth digestion — and they also tend to be the cornerstones of vegan living.

On the contrary, meats, processed foods, dairy and eggs all tend to be harsh on the digestive tract and are difficult for the body to break down. By eliminating those food groups, you’ll notice more comfort and ease in digestion.

5. Better Skin Health

Similar to digestive health, foods that are high in hormones or tend to cause inflammation tend to be the worst on skin health — from details like ageing to acne to overall brightness.

Specifically, dairy and red meat are the worst for the health of the skin. By eliminating those foods and replacing them with foods that are rich in hydration, vitamins and minerals, you may notice a difference in your skin quickly.

6. Discovering New Flavors

While people often fear that going vegan will limit their options in terms of all the different food they can experience, many vegans will tell you that switching to the plant-based lifestyle actually opens up a whole new world of flavours and foods to try. From vegan junk food to healthy, refreshing options, there are so many ideas you probably already know.

In addition to the plethora of vegan food around you already, there are so many cultures around the world that have been cooking with plants for centuries. Going vegan encourages you to find new recipes and get to know your taste buds on a whole new level. All you have to do is start experimenting.

7. Finding Community

One sacrifice you may have expected to make when switching to veganism is feeling a bit isolated. From dinner parties to junk food nights with friends, you may not enjoy all the same foods you once did. But you’ll soon discover that your loved ones will love you regardless.

At the end of the day, they won’t care if you bring your own food — they love you for you. And in addition to the people already around you, you’ll meet all kinds of new vegan friends through your lifestyle.

From Facebook groups to local eateries, there are so many venues for vegans to congregate and find community — and you have the chance to be one of them.

The Plant Life

Once you go vegan, you’ll find that there are so many amazing things to discover. From the friends you’ll make to the lives you’ll protect, one thing is for sure — you’ll feel fantastic from the inside out.

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