7 easy eco swaps you can make today!

Read Time:   |  24th April 2018

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Here are seven simple ways to make a change whether you’re at home or out and about…

easy eco swaps

Reusable cups

It’s always a treat to grab a cup of coffee when you’re in town shopping, but do you know the impact takeaway cups are having on the environment? Now coffee shops are encouraging us to take our own reusable cups – and to incentivise us many chains and independent coffee shops are offering a discount on our beverage.

With all the beautiful reusable cups you can get now too, it’s win win! The same goes for water. Stop buying the bottled variety and just refill a funky flask.

DIY cleaning products

Many cleaning products on the market are not only bad for the environment, but they’re not great for you either!

easy eco swaps

When it comes to cleaning, kitchen cupboard favourites such as bicarbonate of soda, lemon and vinegar are actually your best friends! Bicarbonate of soda mixed with a little water to make a paste is the perfect all purpose cleaner, while white wine vinegar banishes mould!

Ditch the bags

Since shops had to start charging 5p for every plastic bag they gave us, the perils of plastic bags have become well known, so you remember to take your own bags to the supermarket every time right?

easy eco swaps

But what about the bags you use for your loose apples, lemons or even potatoes? Do you really need them? The answer is usually no. And to save you getting caught out on an impromptu shopping trip, keep a foldable bag or Bag For Life in your handbag at all times and put back as soon as you’ve emptied it.

Swap the straw

If your kids won’t drink their juice without a straw or you prefer to drink your smoothie through one, forget about the plastic ones and get yourself a metal straw. You can pick one up for just a few pounds, but it will last you a lifetime!

easy eco swaps

Save water

Cutting down on your water usage can both save you money and reduce energy use on cleaning waste water, so a few simple changes will be welcome all round.

easy eco swaps

Turn the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth; always use full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher; fix dripping taps and try to take shorter showers.

Leave the car at home

Most of us can’t live without a car completely, but every journey you cut down on will have an impact. Can you walk or cycle to work a couple of days a week rather than having to drive? Try it.

easy eco swaps

Can you car share or take the bus next time you’re going out with friends? Before you automatically head for the car, just stop and think to see if there’s another way.

Check out Ecosia

Rather than automatically heading to Google next time you want to search for something, why not check out new search engine Ecosia, www.ecosia.org?

easy eco swaps

First launched in Germany, Ecosia uses its advertising profit to plant trees in places like Indonesia, Ethiopia, Morocco and Brazil. Every month, 80% of Ecosia’s profits go towards reforestation projects. A super simple swap, but with great eco benefits.


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