22 scarily delicious vegan Halloween ideas

Surprise your friends, family, and any trick-or-treaters with these scarily delicious vegan Halloween recipes this Autumn!

It’s nearly our favourite day of the year, Halloween! So in celebration, we’ve rounded up the most spooktacular and delicious vegan Halloween recipes from around the (spider)web to freak out your friends and family!

1. Hemp Marzipan Superfood Monsters

These healthy Halloween monsters are made using raw vegan hemp marzipan!  They get their naturally vibrant colouring from plant pigments, phytonutrients, found in raw & organic superfood powders such as Acai and Spirulina, so there is no need to add in any nasty artificial colours.


2. Ghost Cupcakes

Spook out your friends and family this Halloween with these vegan ghost cupcakes that are blacker than your soul! 

3. Spooky Spirulina Smoothie 

With a colour that’s bound to get you in the festive Halloween spirit, give this spooky spirulina smoothie recipe a try this October.


4. Halloween Vegan Cupcakes 

These elegantly ghoulish cupcakes with super fluffy, electric blue vegan buttercream taste every bit as good as they look!


5. Swamp Monster Slow Cooker Jackfruit Gumbo 

This chunky stew is full of okra, tomatoes, vegan sausage and stringy jackfruit, so it will give you plenty of energy for busting all those ghosts and ghouls!


6. Vegan Ghost Cupcakes 

These little ghosts are far from spooky. They’re just a simple way to take a gluten-free vegan cupcake from ordinary to frightfully cute!


7. Vegan Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispie Treats 

How about these Frankenstein Brown Rice Krispie Treats for size? They are an extremely fun way to celebrate the season while remaining true to your vegan roots, and kids will love helping you make them!  


8. Vegan Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Despite their horrifying appearance, these raspberry-flavoured cupcakes are absolutely delicious and are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party. 

9. Gingerbread Skeleton Cookies 

These frosted gingerbread men cookies are soft, not too sweet, and totally gingery. Perfection!


10. Black Bean Pumpkin Soup 

In this busy season when days zoom by and temperatures drop, it’s comforting to have an easy, hearty soup recipe in your back pocket. This black bean pumpkin soup can be made quickly from things you probably have in your pantry or freezer: canned black beans, canned pumpkin, canned tomatoes, onions and vegetable broth.



11. Double Chocolate Halloween Cheesecake

Go over to the dark side this Halloween with this dark and delicious Halloween cheesecake. This deceptively wholesome dessert gets its otherworldly look from activated charcoal and is made from healthy ingredients and natural sweeteners.

vegan Halloween recipes

12. Black Widow Spider Cupcakes 

This black widow cupcake spiders are one insect that we would actually love eating! 

vegan halloween recipes


13. Easy Raspberry Halloween Mummy Pies

These blood-curdlingly delicious vegan hand pies are made with just three ingredients and are the perfect hand-held party food.

vegan Halloween recipes

14. Gluten-Free Mummy Cookies

We never thought we’d ever find Mummies cute, but these cookies prove they can be! Just look at those eyes!



15. Raw Vegan Halloween Mummy Cookies 

Healthy, tasty and fun, these mummy cookies are perfect for those who don’t fancy overloading on sugar this Halloween!



16. Soft & Chewy Chocolate Halloween Cookies 

You’d never guess that black beans are the staple ingredient that lends these cookies their ooey, gooey, chewy, and rich fudgy texture! These chocolaty, rich, dark cookies are full of fibre and because they are free of flours, they are also grain and gluten-free. They do not contain any refined sugars and come in at less than 100 calories a pop!



17. Deliciously Dark Halloween Toffee Apples

Channel your inner Snow White with these witchy treats that are ready to cast a sweet spell on All Hallow’s Eve.

18. Pumpkin Squash Soup with Sage

Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Soup is perfect for Fall.  Serve it in these gorgeous pumpkin bowls for an extra special touch or in a regular bowl for a quick and easy weeknight dinner.

vegan halloween recipes


19. Mini Pumpkin Vegan Cheesecake Jack-O-Lanterns

Not sure what to do with your leftover pumpkin? Make these bite-sized pumpkin cheesecakes!

vegan halloween recipes

20. Creepy Crawly Sugar Cookies 

Simple to make, and even more fun to decorate, these sugar cookies are sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 


21. Monster Doughnuts 

These ghoulish doughnuts are baked, not fried, so are perfect for a little treat! 


22. Graveyard Mousse Pots

Lemon poppyseed tombstone cookies paired with velvety chocolate mousse with a Nakd bar crumble topping. A deliciously spooky dessert perfect for Halloween!


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