10 creative Halloween costume ideas for vegans

Author: Rachel Smith

Read Time:   |  23rd October 2019

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Wear your heart on your sleeve this Halloween with a vegan Halloween costume. From sexy burgers to vegan Halloween costumes that make you stop and think, why not spread the vegan message at your Halloween party this year. 


1. Beyond Burger 

Why wouldn’t you want to go to a Halloween party dressed as a sexy Beyond Burger? If you want to dress like the popular plant-based patty this Halloween you can find the costume here.

2. Vegan Police

Freeze! It’s the vegan police! Spread the veganism message all night long with these tongue-in-cheek costumes.

vegan halloween costume ideas

Image credit: littleveganplanet.tumblr.com

3. The Reverse Butcher

In the words of the great Michael Scott, “Oh how the turn tables..!” This costume is sure to get the other guests at the Halloween party talking!

4. Peas in a Pod

Looking for the perfect vegan-friendly couples costume? Why not show your appreciation for veg by dressing up as your favourite veggies.

vegan halloween costume ideas

5. Avocado

The perfect costume for those who want to show off their baby bump! Find out how to make your own DIY costume here.

vegan halloween costume ideas

6. Totally Tofu 

Channel Justin Timberlake’s SNL skit and show your appreciation for this awesome vegan ingredient this Halloween.


7. Vegan Zombie

“Graaaiiins, feed me graaaains!” Make a statement with your costume and go as a vegan zombie.

vegan halloween costume ideas

8. Double-Stuffed Oreo

Show your appreciation for this popular accidentally vegan cookie with this simple couples costume.

vegan halloween costume ideas

9. Scary Ronald McDonald

McDonald’s is one of the least vegan-friendly restaurants in the world with a horrific track record when it comes to animal rights. Smash the concept of the cheery, smiling Ronald McDonald with this costume that’s bound to give you nightmares.

vegan halloween costume ideas

10. Rabbit with a Lucky Human Foot

You can kill two birds with one stone, if you’ll pardon the non-vegan pun, with this costume. Poke fun at this cruel, antiquated superstition and dress like a sexy rabbit with your lucky human foot.

vegan halloween costume ideas

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