The best vegan egg substitutes for baking and cooking

From banana and chia seeds to flaxseed and vegan egg replacements, there are so many vegan egg substitutes to choose from.

10 reasons why older adults should adopt a healthy vegan diet

Getting older brings with it some mental and physical changes. Here's why adopting a healthy vegan diet can help people over 50 stay fit!

Is bread vegan?

Bread is a staple product many of us enjoy every day, but have you ever wondered is bread vegan? Here's what you need to know.

Intensive egg farming: The ‘untold suffering’ of the UK’s 14 million caged hens

Despite battery farming being phased out, millions of egg-laying chickens are confined to 'enriched cages' thanks to intensive egg farming.

What are the benefits of a whole food plant based diet?

Going vegan is one of the most positive changes you can make for your health. But what are the benefits of a plant-based diet you will enjoy?

13 vegan Biscoff recipes for ultimate indulgence

Many people still wonder - is Biscoff vegan? Let's explore all things Biscoff including 10 indulgent vegan Biscoff recipes.

13 vegan substitutes you need to know about when you first go vegan

Don't know where to start on your vegan journey? Here are 13 vegan substitutes to help your plant-based transition from vegan cheese to tofu.

How to go vegan: 31 top tips to make the transition easy

Navigate your newly vegan life with this easy-to-follow one-tip-a-day guide to help keep you on track through your first month as a vegan.

Understand the importance of multivitamins and minerals with Cytoplan

Uncover the importance of multivitamins and minerals to our bodies with whole food supplement specialists, Cytoplan

Top vegan food trends for 2022

Wondering what's next for veganism? Here are the top vegan food trends for 2022 that will change the face of plant-based eating.

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