7 reasons why you need to follow a meat-free diet this May (and beyond)

To celebrate No Meat May, we want to share how ditching animal products and following a meat-free diet can help our planet

Is palm oil vegan or should ethical consumers avoid it?

Lex Rigby investigates the problems with palm oil and its effect on wildlife to find out is palm oil vegan or whether they should avoid it.

Top 7 vegetables for meat alternatives – from jackfruit to mushrooms

Looking for less processed, healthier meat alternatives? Here are 11 vegetables that make great meat alternatives instead!

How I left corporate life to rescue animals, with Barn Sanctuary founder Dan McKernan

Barn Sanctuary founder Dan McKernan reveals how he left high-paid job in the tech industry to rescue farm animals.

Top 9 health benefits of bananas

Here are the top 9 health benefits of bananas that show that a banana a day is actually the best way to keep the doctor at bay!

How to make a herb garden even if you don’t have a garden

Growing herbs is simple, even if you don't have a garden. Here are our top tips to help you create your own thriving herb garden at home.

11 vegan spring meal ideas to inspire you to eat seasonally

Spring is in the air and we are excited to create delicious vegan recipes using fresh produce that will inspire you to eat seasonally

Beansprouts: Why they are good for you and how to use them

Find out why you should be eating these delicious little edible shoots - and how to cook with beansprouts.

Vegan fashion dilemmas (and how to solve them!)

Here are the most common vegan fashion dilemmas we face, with some simple solutions that make cruelty-free dressing easier than ever.

How to cook vegetables – tips and tricks from a chef’s kitchen

Tips and tricks for how to cook vegetables to bring out the ultimate flavour and texture so they become the star of the show!

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