How oceans can heal the planet and help in the fight against climate change

Our dietary choices can have a huge impact, not just on ocean wildlife, but on the climate change that is affecting the whole planet.

Swapping 1 meat-based meal a week can save 19.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas

Ahead of Earth Day, new research reveals the potential impact of reducing meat consumption on greenhouse gas emissions in the UK.

Survival hopes for rare UK bumblebee species boosted by successful conservation project

The population of a rare UK bumblebee species has been given a boost thanks to a successful conservation project.

Single-use plastics including cutlery, plates and cups to be banned in England, says report

Single-use plastic items including cutlery, plates and polystyrene cups are set to be banned in England in a bid to reduce plastic pollution.

How to be more energy efficient and save energy and money this winter

It’s a hot topic as we head into the colder months, so here are some tips on how to save energy to help you cut your bills.

Should we switch to electric cars? The pros and cons of electric cars

Should we be making the switch when it comes to our vehicles? We take a look at the pros and cons of electric cars.

Methane emissions from 15 meat and dairy companies surpass 80% of the EU’s methane footprint, says report

The world's largest animal agriculture corporations are responsible for significant methane emissions, according to a new report.

Billie Eilish pushes for widespread move towards plant-based foods in a bid to tackle the climate crisis

Billie Eilish has called on people to move towards plant-based diets, pointing out that ditching animal products can benefit the environment.

Pope Francis could help climate change by reinstating Meat-Free Fridays

Pope Francis could bring about a reduction in global carbon emissions by asking Catholics to return to the practice of meat-free Fridays.

Potato vs pasta vs rice: Which carbohydrates are the least sustainable?

Some carbohydrates have a negative impact on climate change. But which carbohydrates are bad for the climate and which are more sustainable?

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