Billie Eilish pushes for widespread move towards plant-based foods in a bid to tackle the climate crisis

Billie Eilish has called on people to move towards plant-based diets, pointing out that ditching animal products can benefit the environment.

Pope Francis could help climate change by reinstating Meat-Free Fridays

Pope Francis could bring about a reduction in global carbon emissions by asking Catholics to return to the practice of meat-free Fridays.

Potato vs pasta vs rice: Which carbohydrates are the least sustainable?

Some carbohydrates have a negative impact on climate change. But which carbohydrates are bad for the climate and which are more sustainable?

World-renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall issues stark climate warning: ‘It’s terrifying’

World renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall has spoken out about the harrowing reality of the climate crisis...

How to eat out sustainably: 6 ways to eat out sustainably without costing the earth

Love treating yourself to a restaurant dinner but wondering how to eat out sustainably? Here are 6 things you need to look out for.

Are avocados vegan? We investigate the truth behind the myth

Since that QI episode, many have questioned if avocados are vegan and what's the truth behind the myth that avocados aren't vegan? We reveal all...

Climate change: How agriculture and food production contribute to greenhouse gas emissions

Discover the ways agriculture and food production are contributing to climate change and destroying the planet and what you can do about it.

Milk vs soy milk: 7 reasons why soy milk is better than dairy

Find out why you should go dairy-free as we reveal why soy milk comes out into top in the milk vs soy milk battle.

Haywards Heath becomes Europe’s first town to endorse the Plant Based Treaty to fight climate crisis amid soaring temperatures

Haywards Health has endorsed the Plant Based Treaty, which aims to fight the climate crisis by tackling emissions from animal farming.

Is palm oil vegan? Why the ingredient is, but the ethics behind it might not be

Lex Rigby investigates the problems with palm oil and its effect on wildlife to find out is palm oil vegan or whether they should avoid it.

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