Chocolate pudding pops

These creamy vegan chocolate pudding pops are perfect for chocolate lovers looking for a sweet treat to beat the heat.  More...

by VeganFoodAndLiving | Published 7 months ago
Vegan almond butter brownie recipe
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Friday, February 1st, 2019

Almond butter brownies

Wickedly moist and chocolatey vegan brownies are swirled with a generous helping of almond butter to give them a delicious twist you won’t be able to resist.   More...

Vegan peanut butter cupcake recipe
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Friday, February 1st, 2019

Peanut butter cupcakes

Moreish cupcakes topped with creamy chocolate peanut butter frosting that everyone will love.  More...

vegan Valentines recipes
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Tuesday, January 29th, 2019

29 indulgent vegan Valentine’s Day recipes

Are you feeling in the mood for romance (and some delicious vegan food!)? One of the nicest ways to show someone how much you care, and how special they are, is by taking the time to make them a thoughtful handmade More...

Vegan chocolate ganache cake recipe
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Monday, January 21st, 2019

Chocolate ganache cake

To celebrate Veganuary, the Baileys Treat Collective member, Lucie Bennett, has created an indulgent vegan chocolate cake, made with Baileys Almande, cacao and avocado.  Lucie’s delicious and indulgent vegan More...

Vegan double chocolate ice-cream recipe
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Monday, January 14th, 2019

Double chocolate ice-cream

This vegan chocolate ice-cream recipe is a huge hit with the kids! It’s creamy and has lots of chocolate bits inside. For an extra special treat, it can be served with layered honeycomb bits and chocolate sauce.  More...

By VeganFoodAndLiving On Friday, December 14th, 2018

Spiced Christmas Biscuits

These sumptuous Christmas Biscuits have all the flavours we look for in a biscuit at this time of the year. The cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg combine perfectly with the final touch of chocolate and coconut More...

Vegan double chocolate brownies
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Friday, December 7th, 2018

Double chocolate brownies

The combination of the double chocolate and the dates satisfy every sweet craving in these decadently moist and fudgy vegan brownies.  More...

Vegan pumpkin pie recipe
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Pumpkin pie

With a crisp pastry base and a smooth, silky and perfectly spiced pumpkin pie filling this is the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving.   More...

raw vegan christmas doughnut
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Chocolate festive spiced raw doughnuts

Get into the festive spirit and try out these gluten-free spiced doughnuts – they are simply loaded with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats of dried fruit, nuts and seeds. Deliciously coated with pure dairy-free More...