Jermaine Jenas explores the ‘rise of veganism in football’ in a new BBC documentary

vegan football documentary bbc

Former England International player Jermaine Jenas investigates the ‘rise of veganism in football’ in a new BBC documentary. Athletes are increasingly opting to follow a plant-based diet in a bid to improve performance and increase recovery time with even the likes of elite athletes Lewis Hamilton and Novak Djokovic adopting a plant-based More...

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Patrik Baboumian The Game Changers Documentary
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“The Game Changers” vegan athlete documentary in UK cinemas this September

The much anticipated and must-see documentary, following the highest of performing vegan athletes, debuts in cinemas around the world on September 16th.  The Game Changers vegan documentary is perhaps the most More...

John Machin
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Meet the 63-year-old vegan fitness fan who doctors said wouldn’t live past ten thanks to his vegan diet

Meet the 63-year-old long-term vegan whose doctor said he wouldn’t live past ten because of his plant-based diet. Many vegans will resonate with John Machin’s story as his parents were warned that if he More...

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Want to join the world’s first vegan rugby club?

You’ve heard of the world’s first vegan football club, Forest Green Rovers, now it’s time to meet the world’s first all-vegan rugby club – the Green Gazelles. Founded by Brendon Bale, More...

quorn protein builds muscle better than milk
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Thursday, July 4th, 2019

Quorn protein found to build muscle twice as effectively as milk protein

A new study from the University of Exeter has discovered that mycoprotein, the naturally-derived protein-rich fungus used in Quorn’s meat-free products, stimulates muscle building after exercise more effectively More...

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6 of the hottest new fitness trends you need to try now!

Struggling to find something you love? Discover what’s hot in the world of health and fitness. 1. Whole-person fitness It doesn’t matter how toned you are and how many km you can run in under 30 minutes if More...

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How weight training on a plant-based diet can transform our bodies

Adam Stansbury shows us how weight training on a plant-based diet can transform our bodies more effectively to become a lean, green muscle-building machine.  Studies have shown that lifting weights helps increase More...

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Let’s move it: How to start exercising regularly

Charlotte Willis explores the benefits of getting yourself moving more frequently… In a modern world where social media dominates, never before have we been more obsessed with fitness, wellness and health. More...

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Supercharge your workout: The essential guide to vegan supplements

When it comes to building muscle, plants and persistence are all you need. Get the most from your workouts with Charlotte Willis’ essential guide to vegan supplements. Who said being vegan means you can’t More...

Sunshine Yoga Edinburgh Yoga Festival
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Finding happiness at Sunshine Yoga Edinburgh Yoga Festival

This past weekend we went to the wonderful city of Edinburgh to partake in Sunshine Yoga’s yearly festival held at the magical Secret Herb Garden just outside of the city, nestled in the Pentland Hills. Celebrating More...