Everything you need to know about seitan and learn how to make your own at home

how to make seitan

Demuths reveals more about the versatile ingredient everybody is talking about.  What is seitan? Seitan is also know as vital wheat protein, textured wheat protein, wheat gluten, vital wheat gluten. Wheat gluten as a protein source is popular in China and is called ‘mock meat’ for its comparison in texture. The Chinese also like wheat gluten More...

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vegan facts
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Monday, August 13th, 2018

The hard facts: How going vegan impacts the environment and our health

The Vegan Society’s Dominika Piasecka arms you with key stats to help spread the word with friends, family and colleagues.  We all know that, as well as having a huge positive impact on the environment and our More...

vegan cheesecake recipe
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20 of the most delicious vegan cheesecakes that you have to try

Switch out your usual cakes and cookies for a stylish cheesecake this week – here are 20 recipes to inspire you! Cheesecake is such a flexible dessert. It can be baked or eaten raw, made into bars, tarts or bites, More...

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The best places to find vegan sandals on the high-street

Get ready for the sunshine with Sarah Dawson’s round-up of the best vegan sandals out there. Summer is on its way – promise! – so get ready to step into the new season with a stylish pair of sandals. More...

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Have a sizzling summer with these 21 vegan BBQ recipes

Have a sizzling summer with these 20 vegan BBQ recipes! From burgers to skewers to desserts, there’s a treat for everyone in this line-up. Don’t miss out on dinner outdoors in this lovely weather – try your More...

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Discover the best vegan pizzas in high-street restaurants

The days of ordering cheese-less pizzas at restaurants are over, discovers Charlotte Willis. Major pizzeria chains have embraced veganism with plant-based cheeses adorning pizzas, garlic breads and vegan desserts More...

best vegan seitan recipes
By VeganFoodAndLiving On Monday, August 6th, 2018

20 of the best vegan seitan recipes even meat-eaters will love

Seitan is the common name for wheat gluten, which has been used as a meat replacement for over a thousand years! You can buy it ready-made or try your hand at preparing your own. It’s full of protein and low in More...

Why isn't honey vegan
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Honey: Why isn’t honey vegan, and what we can use instead?

Vegan but missing honey on hot toast? Charlotte Willis gives you the low-down on why you shouldn’t eat it but how you can get your bitter-sweet-tasting fix. There was a time when I loved nothing more than More...

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Being vegan: How cruelty-free is it?

Helen Bee Greener goes behind the scenes to discover the truth. You say ‘vegan’ and it seems simple – you’re talking about a person who chooses, usually for personal and ethical reasons, not to eat or More...

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Poppity ping: Vegan ready meal taste test

See what we at VF&L HQ thought of a selection of the latest vegan ready meals to find their way to the shops…  Creamy Mac – The Plantifull Food Co £3.70, gluten-free £3.90  300g www.plantifullfood.com Plantifull’s More...