Basic Guides

The best vegan egg substitutes for baking and cooking

From banana and chia seeds to flaxseed and vegan egg replacements, there are so many vegan egg substitutes to choose from.

Nutritional yeast: Why it’s good for you and how to use it

Are you making a vegan recipe and wondering what is nutritional yeast? Find out why this unusual ingredient is loved by vegans.

The ultimate vegan guide to tofu

Is tofu healthier than meat and what is the best way to cook it to ensure it's full of flavour? Find out with our ultimate guide to tofu.

How to dispose of cooking oils and other cooking oil questions answered!

Learn how to dispose of your cooking oil properly to avoid unwanted blockages and discover what the best cooking oils are.

How to transition from a vegetarian to a vegan diet

Thinking about going vegan? Find out how to ditch eggs and dairy and transition from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet the healthy way!

Cut down on waste and learn how to regrow foods from scraps

Zero waste chef Max La Manna shows you how to regrow food from scraps to help cut down on your food waste.

How to eat sustainably as a student

Eating sustainably and eating cheaply can go hand in hand; here are some ways to eat sustainably as a student.

Vegan food swaps for new vegans

Wondering what to eat instead of fish, or where you’ll get your iron from? Charlotte Willis shares her essential vegan food swaps.

How to ‘think vegan’ when baking: Top tips for new vegan bakers

Many people are daunted by baking when they first go vegan.Thankfully once you master the basics you'll discover how enjoyable vegan baking really is!

Vegan vs Plant-Based Diet: What’s The Difference?

Veganism is booming, but confusion around the difference between a vegan vs plant-based diet remains. Here's what you need to know.

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