Veronika Charvatova

Veronika Charvatova

Veronika is a biologist and Viva! Health researcher. She studied MSc Biology and Teaching of Biology at the University of South Bohemia and is a Human Biology lecturer at the University of New York in Prague.

Veronika has spent years uncovering the links between nutrition and good health and is an expert on plant-based diets.

Her main focus is research and writing of scientific reports, articles and practical guides, covering a wide range of topics from diabetes and heart disease to pregnancy and child nutrition, sports nutrition, digestive health, sustainable diets, and the harmful effects of animal products.

Veronika has also worked as a nutritionist, advising people on plant-based nutrition for vegan charity Viva.

While Veronika went vegan for the animals, discovering how many benefits veganism has for health and the environment made her passionate about helping people understand all the links and connections. We don’t learn any of this at school but she believes we should because knowledge is the most powerful tool!

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