Jenny Edwards

Jenny Edwards

At University, Jenny studied English and American Literature and Creative Writing, and now, she writes for a living. Aside from crafting worlds with her words, her other passions in life include reading, plants, bouldering, learning new things, and frothy soy lattes.

Since she was a child, Jenny has always kept the environment at the forefront of her mind. She would rush around the house, turning off plugs and light switches because she thought it would save the planet. So as soon as she discovered veganism, it felt right. Jenny quit eating animal products on a random Tuesday six years ago, and it was one of the best decisions she ever made.

Jenny loves working within the vegan and environmental space because conserving our planet’s beauty is a huge motivator for her. She believes it’s a privilege to be able to align your work with your values, and she’s always grateful that it’s a reality for her.

Her goal isn’t to make everyone vegan; instead, it’s to bring more compassion and understanding into the world. She believes that when people know about what’s happening to the Earth and why it’s happening, the more likely they are to become vegan of their own accord someday.

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