Animal Impact

Luxury Italian fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana to ban fur and angora from future collections

Dolce & Gabbana has joined the likes of Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino and more in banning fur and angora from its future collections.

Why now is the time to stop needless animal testing in the beauty industry: How you can help

Michelle Thew from Cruelty Free International explores how you can help take a stand against animal testing in the beauty industry.

Vegan dogs – can you feed your dog a vegan diet?

Look at any debate on feeding dogs a vegan diet and you’ll see that it's a hot topic! Here’s all you need to know about vegan diet for dogs.

UK government moves to ban imports of trophies from hunting

The UK government will ban the import of spoils from trophy hunting, but the bill has been criticised by campaign groups.

More than half a million birds culled in UK’s worst bird flu outbreak yet

In the biggest ever UK bird flu outbreak, at least 500,000 birds have been culled and more still are dying in the wild.

A new Spanish law recognising animal sentience means that pets are no longer considered “objects”

Wild and domesticated animals have been afforded more rights with the passing of a bill that recognises animal sentience in Spain.

UK turkey factory farming: How selective breeding and grim conditions cause agony to millions of birds every year

Around 15 million turkeys are killed annually thanks to turkey factory farming in the UK. We expose the suffering behind closed doors...

Harrods brand reps deny cruelty to animals despite investigation showing shocking treatment at fox fur farms

Despite the unveiling of horrific conditions on fox fur farms, sales reps continue to mislead customers about the source of designer furs.

UK set to ban barbaric boiling of live lobsters and octopus

The UK government is set to ban barbaric boiling live lobsters following a study that confirms the shellfish can feel pain.

A step forward for animal welfare in France: Circuses banned from using wild animals

The French government has enacted a gradual ban on the use of wild animals for circus entertainment as part of new animal welfare measures.

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