Animal Impact

Hippopotamus and walrus among new species set to be protected as Government extends the Ivory Act

The Government has announced it is extending the Ivory Act 2018 to protect an additional five species including the hippopotamus.

What is regenerative agriculture and is it the solution to the environmental crisis?

Kate Fowler explains what regenerative agriculture means and explores whether it really is a solution to the environmental crisis...

Are eggs vegan? Why vegans don’t eat eggs and what to eat instead

Discover the truth behind the question 'Are eggs vegan?' as we explore the the ethical issues of eating eggs...

Is honey vegan? Why vegans don’t eat honey and the best honey alternatives to use instead

Wondering is honey vegan? Get the lowdown on why honey isn't vegan and discover the alternatives you can use instead.

Is insect farming really the future of food or an unethical practice?

We explore whether eating bugs is the future of sustainable food or a cruel and unethical practice that should be avoided...

Do zoos really contribute to animal conservation and protect the environment?

The debate over whether zoos are ethical or not isn't a straightforward issue. We look at whether keeping animals captive can do any good...

Vegan Friendly UK launches hard-hitting London underground campaign

A major new poster campaign by Vegan Friendly UK calls on consumers to 'make the connection' when it comes to the animals they eat.

California’s ‘monumental’ fur ban finally comes into effect – what it actually means for animal rights

The US state of California has made history as its fur ban finally comes into effect - here's all the details you need to know

New York bans pet shops from selling dogs, cats, and rabbits in an effort to reduce animal suffering

New York State is set to introduce legislation that will ban pet shops from selling dogs, cats and rabbits.

‘Contemptible’ Denmark blasted over its plans to import mink and restart fur farming in 2023

Denmark has been branded 'contemptible' by an animal charity over its plans to import mink and restart fur farming next year.

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