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About us

Veganfoodandliving.com aims to be the biggest UK site for all the latest vegan news and product information. We promise to bring you stories in full, only containing factually correct information, and with details from the sources themselves so you know you can trust what you’re reading!

We want to help you enjoy your vegan life to the full, so the site is also packed with nutritional advice from the experts, tasty recipes for every meal and occasion, plus features on vegan fashion, beauty, ethics and the environment. Quite simply, we’re the place to come for everything vegan!

Our magazines

The makers of veganfoodandliving.com also produce monthly magazines Vegan Food & Living and Simply Vegan, plus quarterly magazine Vegan Food & Living Cookbook.


Vegan Food & Living is the UK’s best-selling vegan magazine and perfect for those vegans who love to cook! Every issue features 75 recipes, plus a dedicated nutrition section, advice on cooking techniques and new trends, and gourmet travel guides.

Simply Vegan is our monthly lifestyle magazine that helps to make living vegan easy! All recipes contain less than 10 ingredients, all easily accessible from supermarkets, and take under an hour to prepare. Plus every issue contains features on vegan ethical issues, environmental concerns, vegan fashion and beauty, UK high street restaurant news and reviews and much more!

Vegan Food & Living Cookbook is a quarterly special, available exclusive to Sainsbury’s supermarket plus WH Smiths and Independents. Each themed edition contains 101 delicious recipes to delight and inspire!

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