Published On: Mon, Jun 10th, 2019

A vegan browser extension that lets you filter for vegan products on shopping sites has launched

A vegan browser extension that allows consumers to add filters to shopping websites so that only vegan products are shown has launched in the UK. 

vegan browser extension

Vegans can now enjoy a more vegan-friendly shopping experience online thanks to The Vegan Filter – a browser extension that helps consumers to add filters to websites so that only vegan products are shown on shopping sites.

vegan browser extension

The Vegan Filter, offered by Xarista, a London-based tech startup, automatically sets vegan filters when consumers browse third-party shopping sites making it easier to find products that are suitable for vegans without having to trawl through pages of unsuitable products making it particularly useful for new or transitioning vegans.

The filter provides a shortcut to vegan products on websites such as Sainsbury’s and Holland & Barrett and takes the hassle out of filtering and finding vegan products online.

Isabella Aberle, the creator of The Vegan Filter, said: “We crave what we know. And what we know is what we see. What if we could only see vegan products when shopping online?”

The Vegan Filter is currently available for shopping groceries, fashion and cosmetics, but the team are working on a new version that will expand the functionality to more shopping sites and improve product access further.

The Vegan Filter is offered for free, for everyone to try and use, and move one step closer to the ultimate mission: To make shopping vegan the new default.

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