Vegans who lift weights have stronger bones than plant-based dieters who don’t, and similar bone structure to omnivores, says study

Vegans who lift weights have stronger bones than plant-based dieters who eschew resistance training, according to new research.

Schools urged to provide a vegan meal option every day as petition exceeds 25,000 signatures

While the government has recognised the benefits of a plant-based diet, it seems hesitant to enforce daily vegan meal options in schools

Food giant behind vegan Babybel partners startup to develop new plant-based cheese featuring postbiotic cultured protein

Food giant Bel has partnered startup Superbrewed Food in a bid to pioneer plant-based food innovation using its postbiotic cultured protein.


Vegan bag brand Telfar boosted after Beyoncé name-checks the brand in her new album Renaissance

Vegan bag brand Telfar has seen a major boost since being name checked in Beyoncé's new album Renaissance.

Travel blogger served just a bottle of water after requesting vegan ‘meal’ on Air Canada flight

Travel blogger Miriam Porter requested a vegan meal on a recent Air Canada flight - but was left pretty speechless at what she received

Lewis Hamilton shares ‘go-to’ vegan snack he eats daily – and how a friend inspired him to go plant-based

F1 champion Lewis Hamilton praises the benefits of a plant-based diet in his latest cover interview with Vanity Fair

Copenhagen Fashion Week bans fur as designers ’embrace innovative vegan fabrics’

Copenhagen Fashion Week joins its neighbours Oslo, Helsinki, and Amsterdam in banning the use of fur in this year's show.

21 vegan pancakes to make for Pancake Day

If you’re vegan, there’s no need to feel left out on Pancake Day - there are plenty of recipes for vegan pancakes for you to try.

21 easy and healthy Veganuary meals to make for dinner this January

We've done the hard work to bring you a tempting selection of easy and healthy Veganuary meals the whole family will enjoy.


Vegan Katsu Curry with Crispy Aubergine

Discover how to make your very own aromatic and delicious vegan katsu curry with this easy vegan curry recipe.

Easy Vegan Mac and Cheese Recipe with Cashews

This is the best vegan mac and cheese recipe you'll ever eat! It's cheesy, crunchy and comforting - just like a good pasta dish should be. 

The best vegan lasagne recipe

Traditional lasagne is a classic comfort food recipe that's very easy to veganise. Here is the best vegan lasagne recipe you'll ever eat.

Simply Vegan Podcast: Staying youthful on a plant-based diet, with Victoria Moran

Tune into our 100th episode of the Simply Vegan Podcast where Holly chat's with Victoria Moran about staying energised on a vegan diet

Simply Vegan Podcast: BBQ ideas, Jubilee dishes and our favourite guests from the past 99 episodes

Join Holly and Molly as they celebrate the 99th episode of the Simply Vegan Podcast and prepare for the Platinum Jubilee vegan style

Simply Vegan Podcast: How to pack more goodness into your diet

Tune into today's Simply Vegan Podcast where Holly is joined by BOL founder Paul Brown to share his tips on packing our diets with nutrients


Discover the hidden health benefits of poppy seeds

Learn more about the health benefits of poppy seeds and explore what these tiny seeds have to offer - and who should avoid consuming them.

Top 20 high-fibre foods that will improve your gut health

Good health starts in the gut, so it's essential to make sure you're eating a variety of high-fibre foods to promote a diverse gut microbiome.

Feeling tired? Low iron levels could be the culprit

Learn why eating plenty of iron-rich foods doesn’t necessarily mean we get enough iron and how to boost your iron levels on a vegan diet.

How much salt per day is too much? Simple steps to control the amount you eat

Worried about how much salt per day is too much? These simple steps will help control the amount of salt in your diet.

KFC vegan menu: What are the vegan options in 2022?

Vegan fast food fans - here are all the vegan options on the KFC menu from the KFC Vegan Burger to Vegan Nuggets.

21 easy and healthy Veganuary meals to make for dinner this January

We've done the hard work to bring you a tempting selection of easy and healthy Veganuary meals the whole family will enjoy.


Asda vegan Christmas range: What’s new for 2022?

Asda debuts its vegan Christmas range for 2022 promising to be its 'biggest and most innovative' festive range yet.

Tesco vegan Christmas range 2022: What’s on the festive menu?

Christmas comes early as Tesco unveils its festive vegan Christmas range complete with vegan maple gammon joint and raspberry trifle.

Veganuary 2023 – your ultimate guide to going vegan in January

Are you ready to try going vegan this January but don't know where to start? Here is everything you need to know about Veganuary 2023...

Is chocolate vegan? What makes chocolate vegan-friendly

Do vegans eat chocolate?. The good news is yes, we love chocolate! But be warned, not all chocolate is vegan-friendly. Lets find out why

Haywards Heath becomes Europe’s first town to endorse the Plant Based Treaty to fight climate crisis amid soaring temperatures

Haywards Health has endorsed the Plant Based Treaty, which aims to fight the climate crisis by tackling emissions from animal farming.

Is honey vegan? Why it’s not and what honey alternatives to use

Wondering is honey vegan? Get the lowdown on why honey isn't vegan and discover the alternatives you can use instead.

Miriam Margolyes urges the government to financially support farmers to transition from dairy industry

Actress Miriam Margolyes joins forces with Animal Equality UK to front the organisations 'remake our food system' petition


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