Tabitha Brown to host Food Network’s first vegan cooking competition

Food Network's first vegan cooking series, 'It's CompliPlated', hosted by Tabitha Brown promises to "change the way we all see food"

Vegan Caribbean Restaurant wins Come Dine With Me: The Professionals

The vegan restaurant Fi Real in Bristol has won the latest episode of Come Dine With Me: the Professionals.

Miriam Margolyes urges the government to financially support farmers to transition from dairy industry

Actress Miriam Margolyes joins forces with Animal Equality UK to front the organisations 'remake our food system' petition


Petition to EU to provide plant-based milk in schools passes 40,000 signatures

A petition from ProVeg has gained over 40,000 signatures in a bid to encourage the EU to supply plant-based milk to schools.

Grubby becomes the UK’s first recipe kit to show recipe carbon footprint

The UK's first 100% vegan recipe kit, Grubby, becomes the first recipe kit brand to show carbon footprints for 100% of its range

Vegan Come Dine With Me contestant beats meat-eaters with these winning recipes

Kate Thompson shares the winning vegan recipes that saw her scoop the coveted £1,000 prize in C4's iconic cooking show, Come Dine With Me.

Plant-based foods banned in South Africa for having ‘meaty’ names

A ban on plant-based food products has been put into effect in South Africa, despite the Government's plan to tackle Climate Change.

31 easy vegan lunch ideas that keep you going all day long!

Forget soggy falafel wraps from your local supermarket, these vegan lunch ideas are packed with flavour and will keep you full until dinner

Quick & Easy Vegan Biryani with Aubergine

To make this vegan biryani recipe, we've swapped the meat for aubergine and carrot to make a healthy vegan dinner your whole family love.


Vegan Bao Buns with Tempeh, Peanuts and Zingy Red Cabbage Slaw

These fluffy vegan bao buns with tempeh are a recipe to try if you're feeding friends. They are surprisingly easy (and fun!) to make at home.

Smoky Tempeh Burger Recipe with Black Beans and Mushrooms

This smoky tempeh burger recipe is the perfect vegan burger for summer lunches and barbecues. Plus it's packed with protein and fibre.

Carrot & Coriander Vegan Sausages with Creamy Mash

This vegan sausage recipe with creamy mash is perfect vegan comfort food. Plus, it's ready to eat in under an hour for an easy vegan dinner!

Simply Vegan Podcast: Staying youthful on a plant-based diet, with Victoria Moran

Tune into our 100th episode of the Simply Vegan Podcast where Holly chat's with Victoria Moran about staying energised on a vegan diet

Simply Vegan Podcast: BBQ ideas, Jubilee dishes and our favourite guests from the past 99 episodes

Join Holly and Molly as they celebrate the 99th episode of the Simply Vegan Podcast and prepare for the Platinum Jubilee vegan style

Simply Vegan Podcast: How to pack more goodness into your diet

Tune into today's Simply Vegan Podcast where Holly is joined by BOL founder Paul Brown to share his tips on packing our diets with nutrients


Discover the hidden health benefits of poppy seeds

Learn more about the health benefits of poppy seeds and explore what these tiny seeds have to offer - and who should avoid consuming them.

Top 20 high-fibre foods that will improve your gut health

Good health starts in the gut, so it's essential to make sure you're eating a variety of high-fibre foods to promote a diverse gut microbiome.

Feeling tired? Low iron levels could be the culprit

Learn why eating plenty of iron-rich foods doesn’t necessarily mean we get enough iron and how to boost your iron levels on a vegan diet.

14 of the best vegan travel destinations: vegan holidays in the UK, Europe and beyond

Looking for inspiration for your next holiday? Explore your options and discover the best vegan travel destinations around the world.

89 vegan quotes to inspire you, humour you, and provoke you

From funny vegan quotes and memes to quotes on vegan living, these words will empower and inspire you to live your best vegan life.

12 inspiring vegan LGBTQ+ activists to celebrate this Pride (and beyond)

Pride is here and we want to share our platform and celebrate a few of our favourite vegan LGBTQ+ activists campaigning for justice for all.


7 reasons why you need to follow a meat-free diet this May (and beyond)

To celebrate No Meat May, we want to share how ditching animal products and following a meat-free diet can help our planet

Is palm oil vegan or should ethical consumers avoid it?

Lex Rigby investigates the problems with palm oil and its effect on wildlife to find out is palm oil vegan or whether they should avoid it.

Top 7 vegetables for meat alternatives – from jackfruit to mushrooms

Looking for less processed, healthier meat alternatives? Here are 11 vegetables that make great meat alternatives instead!

How I left corporate life to rescue animals, with Barn Sanctuary founder Dan McKernan

Barn Sanctuary founder Dan McKernan reveals how he left high-paid job in the tech industry to rescue farm animals.

Miriam Margolyes urges the government to financially support farmers to transition from dairy industry

Actress Miriam Margolyes joins forces with Animal Equality UK to front the organisations 'remake our food system' petition

386 dogs saved ahead of Yulin dog meat festival

Chinese police and activists intercept a truck carrying hundreds of dogs heading for slaughter at the Yulin dog meat Festival

UK’s ‘landmark’ ivory ban faces criticism from campaigners for its loopholes

The UK’s toughest ivory ban to date, the UK Ivory Act, is now in effect, but campaigners say offenders will still be able to evade it…


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