Vegan chocolate truffles have been voted the tastiest Easter treat in the UK

vegan easter chocolate

Vegan-friendly Easter chocolates have been crowned the tastiest in the UK, beating conventional products from supermarkets and specialist rivals. A vegan-friendly Easter treat More...

A vegan kebab shop is opening in London

vegan kebab shop

The UK’s first vegan doner kebab stall, What The Pitta, announces the opening of their third and flagship branch in Camden.  A vegan kebab shop is opening in London Following More...

Starbucks adds new vegan breakfast option to the menu

starbucks vegan breakfast

Starbucks has added a brand new vegan breakfast option to the menu in the USA. Starbucks has added a brand new vegan breakfast option to the menu in the USA, ‘The Overnight More...

gabriel v-rev.jpg

A child’s choice: Exploring the positives and pitfalls that arise when your child goes vegan

Sally-Anne Bedford faces the pitfalls and positives that arise when a child decides to be vegan…  (l-r) Liz Tyson, Director of Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS), More...

The original spice girls: The five star spices of vegan cooking

Long before a singing quintet stole their identity, five spices were global superstars. Sarah Hutchings gives you the low-down on the five star spices of vegan cooking.  The More...

The luxury vegan gift guide for Valentine’s Day 2018

Whether you want to share Valentine’s Day with your loved one or are more into ‘Galantine’s Day’ and plan to have a day and night of treats and pampering, there more More...

Vegan Food & Living March 2018

Vegan Food & Living March 2018

Make this an Easter to remember with fun homemade treats in the March issue of Vegan Food & Living. Easter is definitely More...

Vegan Food & Living February 2018

Vegan Food & Living February 2018

In the February issue of Vegan Food & Living, we have a host of delicious bowl recipes waiting for you to try, More...

acai pancakes Purple açaí pancakes

These Sambazon purple Açaí pancakes are perfect for switching things up this Pancake Day. Whether you’re...

vegan nutella Oil-free vegan ‘Nutella’

This oil-free vegan ‘Nutella’ is a delicious and nutritious recipe. Spread it on top of your...

banana granola Banana granola

Naturally sweetened with cinnamon and bananas, this fruit and seed packed banana granola will put a...
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Roasted vegetable tart 

Vegan roasted vegetable tart 

This vegan roasted vegetable tart is a treat for the eyes and the mouth!  Vegan roasted vegetable tart  Recipe More...

Cauliflower, leek & kale fritters

These beautifully crisp cauliflower, leek and kale fritters make a delicious light lunch or a filling snack. Serve with tahini sauce..


Empanadillas are delicious pockets of crisp and flaky pastry, packed with flavorsome veggies, that are a perfect lunchtime dish.  Vegan Empanadillas..

Teriyaki shiitake bowl


If you like salty and sweet meaty meals without the animal cruelty then you’ll love this vegan teriyaki More...

Homemade vegan gnocchi

This homemade vegan gnocchi is super tasty and simple to make. It’s perfect for a low budget menu that doesn’t lack..

Red lentil dhal

Packed with flavour, this red lentil dhal only requires a few ingredients and is simple to create, but the whole family..
going vegan

Overcoming the pitfalls: What to watch out for when going vegan

Veganuary’s Daisy Miceli reveals what to watch out for when going vegan…  Overcoming the pitfalls: What to watch out for when..
sweet freedom milkshake

You can now buy delicious vegan milkshakes in the UK, made entirely from fruit!

Sweet Freedom has launched vegan milkshakes which are made entirely from fruit. Simply stir into cold mylk and enjoy the only 100% natural..

Jivamukti: Where yoga and veganism meet

Jivamukti Yoga advocates veganism as an expression of a central principle – non-violence. Senior teacher Emma Henry tells us why…  What..

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