Virgin Trains are now serving a cooked vegan breakfast

virgin trains vegan breakfast

Virgin Trains have announced that they will now be offering a cooked vegan breakfast option onboard their West Coast services. Virgin Trains made the exciting announcement on More...

Germany’s first vegan kindergarten is set to open this summer

vegan kindergarten

A vegan kindergarten is opening in Frankfurt this summer, where the children will be taught to respect animals and humans, and animals are off the menu! In August the Mokita More...

Versace vows to stop using fur as Donatella Versace says ‘I don’t want to kill animals to make fashion’

versace fur

Italian designer Donatella Versace, who is creative director of fashion brand Versace, has announced that she no longer feels comfortable with the concept of using real fur. Italian More...

19 deliciously indulgent vegan Easter recipes

There’s plenty of sweet treats to tempt you in our round-up of the most indulgent vegan Easter recipes. From vegan chocolate eggs filled with caramel to hot cross buns and showstopping More...

The best vegan Easter eggs and chocolates for 2018

There has never been such a wide range of delicious vegan Easter eggs available in shops, so you’ll be spoilt for choice this year! Here are some of our favourite treats we’ll More...

Everyday dilemmas vegans face (and how to deal with them!)

ProVeg director Jimmy Pierson looks at a few everyday dilemmas that vegans face and suggests positive ways to deal with them… Living as vegans in a non-vegan world presents More...

Vegan Food & Living March 2018

Vegan Food & Living March 2018

Make this an Easter to remember with fun homemade treats in the March issue of Vegan Food & Living. Easter is definitely More...

Vegan Food & Living February 2018

Vegan Food & Living February 2018

In the February issue of Vegan Food & Living, we have a host of delicious bowl recipes waiting for you to try, More...

vegan crêpes Vegan & gluten-free sweet potato crêpes

Sweet potato flour makes a perfect gluten-free substitute for flour in these delicious vegan crêpes. Top with...

acai pancakes Purple açaí pancakes

These Sambazon purple Açaí pancakes are perfect for switching things up this Pancake Day. Whether you’re...

vegan nutella Oil-free vegan ‘Nutella’

This oil-free vegan ‘Nutella’ is a delicious and nutritious recipe. Spread it on top of your...
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Roasted vegetable tart 

Vegan roasted vegetable tart 

This vegan roasted vegetable tart is a treat for the eyes and the mouth!  Vegan roasted vegetable tart  Recipe More...

Cauliflower, leek & kale fritters

These beautifully crisp cauliflower, leek and kale fritters make a delicious light lunch or a filling snack. Serve with tahini sauce..


Empanadillas are delicious pockets of crisp and flaky pastry, packed with flavorsome veggies, that are a perfect lunchtime dish.  Vegan Empanadillas..

Butternut squash & carrot burger

Not only is this vegan butternut squash and carrot burger full of flavour, but it’s also very light so More...

Whisky, green lentil & veggie cobbler

In the winter, nothing beats a hearty stew, like this wholesome green lentil and vegetable cobbler, packed full of veggies to warm..

Teriyaki shiitake bowl

If you like salty and sweet meaty meals without the animal cruelty then you’ll love this vegan teriyaki shiitake bowl.  Vegan..
how to grown your own food

Dig for victory: How to grow your own food at home, even if you don’t have a garden!

Charlotte Willis gets her hands dirty and roots around for growing success stories, exploring the best ways to grown your own..
vegan easter eggs

The best vegan Easter eggs and chocolates for 2018

There has never been such a wide range of delicious vegan Easter eggs available in shops, so you’ll be spoilt for..
Rachel Demuth

In the kitchen with Rachel Demuth

The owner of world-renowned plant-based cooking school Demuths talks all-things vegan… When did you first notice an increase in popularity of..

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