Marks & Spencer release vegan chocolate caramel ice-creams and vanilla cones

marks & spencer vegan ice-creams

Marks & Spencer have released vegan chocolate covered caramel ice-cream sticks and chocolate vanilla cones to help us beat the summer heat.  With the UK experiencing an unusually More...

Costco replaces its famous hot dog with new meat-free options

costco removes hot dog for vegan food

Wholesale retailer Costco is replacing one of its food court’s most popular options – the Polish hot dog – with two healthier, meat-free choices. Photo credit: Jonathan More...

Canada to make cosmetic testing on animals illegal

canada makes animal testing illegal

Proposed legislation prohibiting animal testing within the cosmetics industry has been cleared by the Canadian Senate. This will also prohibit the sale of any cosmetic products that More...

vegan aquafaba recipes

The 25 best vegan aquafaba recipes you never knew could be vegan

Aquafaba, the brine found in cans of beans and legumes like chickpeas, has caught the world’s attention. Its combination of proteins, soluble plant solids and starches can be More...

Luscious locks: Your guide to vegan and cruelty-free haircare

Treat yourself to the best haircare that doesn’t mistreat animals in the making. Sara Colohan is your guide… As all vegans know, animal-derived parts and ingredients More...

The best vegan ice-creams for summer 2018

The global vegan ice-cream market is set to be worth a staggering $2.45 billion by 2027, and is currently estimated to be worth over $1 billion. In recent years we’ve seen More...

Simply Vegan August 2018

Simply Vegan August 2018

Discover cheap and tasty recipes and al fresco feasts as well as in-depth articles on how vegans can make a positive impact More...

Vegan Cookbook – vibrant & healthy summer on sale now!

There’s something about summer food that is irresistible with freshly picked, locally grown produce that’s More...

açaí bowl Meghan Markle’s açaí bowl

Start your day in royal-style with Megan Markle’s own recipe for a homemade Açaí Bowl made...

vegan crêpes Vegan & gluten-free sweet potato crêpes

Sweet potato flour makes a perfect gluten-free substitute for flour in these delicious vegan crêpes. Top with...

acai pancakes Purple açaí pancakes

These Sambazon purple Açaí pancakes are perfect for switching things up this Pancake Day. Whether you’re...
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Roasted red pepper & aubergine pasta sauce


Pasta sauces are great for those nights when you just want to throw something together with the minimum fuss More...

Asparagus & pesto quiche

These flavoursome quiches are the perfect dish to serve on a warm summers evening when you fancy a spot of al-fresco..

Sweet potato & red pepper fajitas

Zingy salsa and avocado give a delicious fresh taste to these veggie fajitas. Add sweet potatoes and peppers, or why not..

Courgette, mushroom & truffle oil vegan pizza

Courgette Pizza Virtually Vegan.jpg

Who needs dairy on a pizza? What you need is flavour, and this combo has lots of it. You can make the dough More...

My vegan week: 7-day vegan meal plan from Rebel Recipes

Niki Webster believes food should be exciting and never feel like a chore. Here she talks us through her favourite foods..

Costa Rican coconut adobo

Costa Rican Coconut Adobo Sauce draws inspiration from Caribbean cuisine, where coconuts grow in abundance. The word adobo comes from Spain..

A vegan’s guide to… Bath

vegan restaurants in bath Are you looking for the perfect vegan escape? As well as being a great cultural city, steeped in history, Bath offers..
how to grown your own food

Dig for victory: How to grow your own food at home, even if you don’t have a garden!

Charlotte Willis gets her hands dirty and roots around for growing success stories, exploring the best ways to grown your own..
marks & spencer vegan ice-creams

Marks & Spencer release vegan chocolate caramel ice-creams and vanilla cones

Marks & Spencer have released vegan chocolate covered caramel ice-cream sticks and chocolate vanilla cones to help us beat the summer..
interview with kat von d

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Kat Von D

She’s the goth-goddess of tattooing and making an indelible mark on veganism too. Kat Von D talks to Teri Saccone…  Artist,..

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